Customize Windows 8 Desktop with Your Shortcut Icons! Tutorial

windows 8 shortcut iconWindows 8 has been on the hot lists these days. With its exceptional Graphical layout and remarkable features, the crowd, all over the world is enthusiastic about it. Although, windows 8 have been identified as a successor of windows 7, Microsoft played a wiser game by integrating it with metro User Interface. Windows 8 which is works perfectly great for both, the tablets as well as for your other machines makes the use impressive.

As the Metro UI was introduced in the consumer views released by Microsoft, Metro App begins to appear in the market.  Biggest example is of sky drive. Microsoft always has given a free hand to its user and the same strategy implies here too, you can create short cuts of your most used applications on your Metro UI, making the navigation easier and quick.

It’s a surprise for me that few of my friends are questioning about how they can customize their windows 8, probably finding it difficult to adjust with the new environment. Personalizing and moving all the windows tiles are easy to do, but creating your own shortcuts, like shutdown is something you need to be tricky about.

Here is a short tutorial which will definitely prepare you to enjoy the excellent features of Windows 8 in your own way.


You need to open up your Windows explorer first of all.

Once that opens, write the following path:

%appdata%\microsoft\windows\Start Menu\Programs\

The following page will appear:


Step 2

From here, you can browse your desired icons by searching them in accessories, if they exist in some other drive all folder, you need to create its short cut here. Believing in the importance of a shut down icon, which is obviously, not available directly due to the absence of start button on the desktop; let’s focus on creating shortcut for a shut down icon.

windows exploer in windows 8

Step 3

Since now, you know from where you need to extract your short cut, let’s move on to the next step. Press the windows key on your keyboard; this will head you back to your metro screen. Type the name of your shortcut, in this case the shutdown.

app search in windows 8

Step 4

An icon or a list of similar icons will appear as the search results on the left side. Click on it.

app search in windows 8

A new window, just like this will appear and you just need to select the Pin sign. Press enter, and you are done.

pin in windows 8

Step 5

You can now move your icon simply, customizing your desktop according to your usage.

windows 8 shortcut icon

This was a short tutorial about a feature that was never too complicated in the previous versions of window. This one is, however, not a difficult one indeed, but for a user who is new to windows 8, it might be a complex one.

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