Create and Use PayPal Account in Pakistan without getting banned in 2012

money onlineAround 75% of the online money transactions are now made by PayPal. PayPal is a great and widely used service throughout the world. But again, our Pakistan is deprived of this service just like other important services. At this stage, when e-commerce has become famous, with websites that accepts payment either via credit cards or PayPal. Few of you may question that when life is moving towards trouble-free and easy ways, why we don’t go for the alternatives. Alternatives are a good way to escape, but again they are ALTERNATIVES and do not work every time.

I had been writing about earning methods in my previous posts and if you read my posts about earning with freelancing, you must know that even majority of freelancer users use PayPal to send and receive money online.

I researched on this and now actually here to present you all what you needed to know.

You can still use PayPal in Pakistan with simple follow ups. Here are some:

Ask your Friends, family or Relatives

If you have friends, family or relatives living in those countries in which PayPal works fine, all you need is to approach them. You may ask them to open a PayPal account for you using their credit card. They can then fill out all the legalities and create an online PayPal account. This process will cost them not more than $ 20, and you can then get your own username and password from them.

Now you need to ask your helper (who is the actual owner of your account) to withdraw money for you and send you here.

paypal helpThis way is systematic and more authentic, however, you should keep this thing in mind that this is not a one or two time favor, it’s for lifetime. Discuss about it with the one who will be doing this for you. After all life is busy and no one will change his routines according to your requirements.

Moreover, many of you may not have links with people who are living abroad, this does not stops you to get a hold on PayPal, you can go for the alternative way, explained next.

Register yourself

It’s a contradicting statement yet so true to be real, you cannot have a PayPal in Pakistan, but you can log in to the PayPal.

Go to and register for an account. Choose an Account type”premier” initially, but when you are about to select a country in which PayPal works fine, for example:

  • Argentina
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

For a complete list visit this link: PayPal Accepted Countries

You may Google for relevant zip codes of your selected country. Don’t fake out with your name if you are a webmaster. You must not use your address in the field but can put in anything fake, like house no.3, street 4,etc. use an email address that is in a continuous use.registration form

Take on the limitations

Once you created your account, the real wise step has to be taken. You will see and “unverified” status in your account. This is there because PayPal wants account to be verified using either credit cards or a local bank account. You, being a citizen of Pakistan cannot verify it with your existing Pakistani account. You, however should NOT even try to do that else they will be able to track your location and will simply ban you account.

The best part: you can use your PayPal account to send and receive money even though it’s not verified with a limit of $ 100, you will then have to verify your account once you reach out this limit!

Achieving a milestone

This is the most difficult part of the process. You have created and illegal account but not you will have to verify it. Once you are ready with your account, you may use Virtual Credit Cards (VCC) for verification. Many of my friends have opt for VCC, and its working completely fine with them. You can find about VCC’s, on money making forums and or you can simply find on Google.

For VCC, you need to find a trustable seller who will not scam you, VCC usually costs you around $5-$ 15, and nothing more than this should be ever paid for it. You need to careful here from scammers.

Play it Safe!

play it safeNow, your account is verified and you can make online transactions worldwide without any limitations, but you need to remember that:

Don’t take your queries to PayPal about your account, this is because once PayPal detected you for cheating, they’ll freeze your account along with your earnings. Better not keep large amounts in your account. Keep your money transactions confidential from your clients.

Hope you guys will find it helpful; please share your ideas and new methods to make PayPal work in Pakistan.


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  1. Nida your post is good but the problem is that majority people don’t have any relatives or friends out there so how could they can avail it and yes when i was started to read your article i thought i might found something new which i don’t know. and if you we go with your mentioned process so we need that person to withdraw our amount so i don’t think that will work for a long term. 🙂


    • hie Zohaib,
      keeping the first posibility in mind, i mentioned the second one!
      i agree and had already stated that second one is a critical one, but side to be on a safer you need to keep small amount in your account.
      you rightly said that it cannot be used for long term, but still as far as its working, countries like pakistan , where its not available can use it!

  2. Paypal, payment method. Paypal verified with card issued in a non-accepted by paypal country. I attach at paypal account card issued by a bank from PAKISTAN , With that account you will be able buy, send and receive money . without pay percentages to various intermediaries, directly to / from your card account. This account will be VERIFIED.
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  3. AOA

    how are you i hope you are fine. my question is that can i want to received 250$ from my boss through paypal but my paypal account is not verified can i received money or not waiting for your quick reply thanx

  4. PAYPAL, payment method.Paypal VERIFIED with card issued by a bank from non-accepted by paypal country like : Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Georgia, Cameroon… and other non approved by paypal countries.
    I attach at paypal account card issued by a bank from non accepted by paypal countries , after that proces paypal account will be VERIFIED, With that account you will be able buy from online stores, send and receive money without pay percentages to various intermediaries, directly to / from your card account.
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    ICQ: 640442124

  5. Hey Nida,
    Great blog and a helpful post from your side ! I want to get a PayPal account for buying and selling domain names online, i.e. domain flipping. I have come across several alternatives like Payza and Moneybookers, and also the not-so-legal and risky methods of using PayPal in Pakistan. I read somewhere that does not accepts VCC verified PayPal accounts. Moreoever, Payza and Moneybookers are yet not accepted on many of the websites. Therefore, I guess its necessary for me to get a PayPal account.
    The good news is that I have my siblings living in a PayPal-supported country, so they can open an account. But I have a few questions before I ask them to take this step-

    1] Is is necessary to have a credit card to endorse/verify your PayPal account ? Can the account be verified via wire transfer, as in Payza ?

    2] Is it legal for me [according to PayPal’s regualtions] to operate from Pakistan the PayPal account opened on my relative’s name in a supported country ? What if they find out that the OPERATOR IS DIFFERENT FROM THE OWNER, or that the OPERATOR IS IN A BANNED COUNTRY, will they block it then ?

    3] If I signup on eBay, can I list my Pakistan’s address for shipping purposes, while my PayPal is registered in a supported country?

    Kindly repond to the above questions. Thank you !

    • Hi kistaas,

      I will prefer answering this question on Nida’s behalf. Yes of course your siblings can open you an account and you can use it effectively from Pakistan without any obligations. They will need a bank account for that and will need to fill some papers. The account will be on their name and you will only get the user login details. You get all rights to transfer and accept payment from anywhere or any service. Just tell them to verify your account and fulfill all formalities. This is the method I am using since 3 years for making my personal transactions through Paypal.
      Can’t a US based citizen run his business from Pakistan or Egypt where paypal is banned? Of course he can so it does not matter which country you operate from as long as the account with which Paypal is registered is located in a PayPal accepted country.
      For withdrawals. Your siblings will withdraw cash and will send money through western union to you within 24 hours. That simple and legal! 🙂

      For more details read our post at MBT:

      • Hi Mustafa,

        Thank you very much for the comprehensive reply ! Good that you shared your experience. But have you ever sold or bought items on eBay using PayPal ? I am asking this because obviously the address on your eBay account [Pakistan’s address] would be different from that on the PayPal account [USA’s address]- so does this conflict causes account limitations problems or not, when retailing at eBay ?

        Secondly, can you tell me what about the route [using VCC] which Nida has posted in the above post ? It was posted 6 months ago, so do you have any feedback or experience to share about the viability of this method ? The thing is that I would prefer to manage my withdrawals and deposit personally in Pakistan.

        There was a similar technique I came across- it suggested verifying the PayPal using Payoneer debit card in place of VCC- it wasn’t a comparitive method but just another alternate. Also shed some light on this.

        I am all bothering you because I am new to all this, while you have a wide network and seem to earn your living from exploring and analyzing these matters =]

        Thanks to your entire team !

  6. I was registering on paypal according to your ways but they demands for Credit Card. Should I managed credit card for this purpose I mean is credit card necessary for paypal? Pls reply.

    • As mentioned in the post too, This method is risky, but if you really want to take a chance, Yes, you need a credit card for it. Try to go with alternatives or follow plan A

  7. Request for a mastercard from Payoneer and when you get it, link it with your Paypal acocunt. 😉
    You will be able to withdraw amounts from your Paypal and get that money from local ATMs. 🙂

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