How To Create a Picture Slideshow in YouTube?

image slideshowMost of you are probably thinking, “a slideshow on YouTube? I thought SlideShare was the proper way to share slideshows, or maybe Flickr or Picassa for sharing photos.” You wouldn’t be wrong either – but only so long as the talk is just about photos. A transitional slideshow is just a step short of a full video, and since that’s YouTube’s department, we figured we might as well share a how-to on making a photo slideshow in YouTube. Slideshows can be a very convenient way of sharing your photos without having to make a video. So here’s how you can create your very own photo slideshow from within YouTube!

Making a video in the form of a photo slideshow is always a hassle. Although it is mainly used for simple presentational purposes, you have to go out of your way to prepare a video by getting a video-editing software (the simplest example being Windows Movie Maker), and then learning how to use it. YouTube is a simpler, more elegant solution to this problem.

How to create a slideshow in YouTube?

When you’re logged into YouTube, you can see an Upload button right next to the search bar. YouTube has revamped its Upload page quite a bit, and now you can create a Google Plus hangout, capture from webcam, edit a video, and create a photo slideshow! Click on the Create button next to the Photo Slideshow option.


In the Upload Photos section, you can drag-and-drop all the photos you want to create a slideshow from. Once uploaded, these photos will appear in a timeline fashion, ready to be rearranged as you wish. You can now select slide duration, and also choose transition effects from the options given.

It is kind of a let-down that you can not as yet upload your own audio file to go with the slideshow video. But you can, however, choose from among the pre-defined music tracks. Of course, if you choose any of those, then ads will appear in your video, and the revenue from those ads will be shared with the creator of that music track.

And again, just like any YouTube video, you can set your video as Unlisted so that it won’t show in search results. Otherwise, this slideshow will be treated just like any other video – it will be searchable and comment-able, and so on.

So, you wanted to make a slideshow on YouTube? What are you waiting for then? Get on it! And if you have any confusions, feel free to ask here. We’d be glad to help 🙂

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