Create Google Plus Circles in Facebook – Drag & Drop Friends!

Create Google Plus Circles in FacebookThe real competitor of Facebook in the Social Media is undoubtedly Google Plus. If you are a social media lover and enjoy having accounts on both of these platforms, you must have noticed that they both somehow are parallel in terms of added functionalities. It was Google adding a Cover Photo option immediately after Facebook launched its Timeline View. Being a consistent User of both of these Social Media Websites, I have been noticing every move they take. No matter how much similarities we observe, there are always some slight differences, making one of them superior on the other.

How about merging a most suited feature of Google plus with a slightly more time consuming option in Facebook? You see, grouping your friends in Google plus is way too simple where all you need to do is to drag your friends and drop them in to your group list. Once done that, you can have fun in Bulk! However, the idea of this is same as creating Facebook Friend Lists, but at Facebook, it consumes more time where you are required to personally select the contacts eating all your time and energy in clicking which friend to select and which not.

We believe that your time is too precious to be saved from being wasted and Here we Present a simple, yet useful tutorial that will give your friend Management a new look at Facebook.

Hack Your Circle with Circle Hack!

It is obvious that Facebook itself is not going to promote the features of Google Plus, but even Mark Zuckerberg noticed the flaw and  once said about the Facebook’s friends organization:

Nobody wants to make lists…

Therefore, there are some Genius brains working all the time, examining every single move taken in the social media. An output of such observations is the Web application, especially designed for Facebook, it’s the Circle Hack.

Get Started with it

Just like other Facebook Apps, Circle Hack App is especially designed to provide additional features to keep the use of Facebook Customized. Click here on Circle Hack to start it up.

By clicking on the above mentioned link, the following page would appear on your screen, you being a Facebook freak, know what you need to do next, that is, click on the “Log in” and log in to your Facebook Account via Circle Hack.

hack circle

Just as in the case of other Facebook applications, Click on this “log in with Facebook” to allow access to your basic information.

allow access to cicle hack

Select your Friends

You are almost done. the next screen appearing in front of you will be what you were looking for. A list of all your friends will appear on the website. Observe a circle at the bottom of the Page. Click on the circle and “create a list”. After creating a list, you just have to drag and drop the friends into the circle. Name your Circle and enjoy connecting with all of them at once!

drag and drop friends at circle hack

Now the circle you just created in no time will be automatically place on your Home page on extreme left, under the section of friends. Your Chosen friend circle is now readily available on a single click to be used, just like in Google Plus!

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