TOP 10 Best CPU Manufacturers in 2013!

cpu manufacturersIf you are a tech-loving person and  keep your eyes on the newly launched technology,  you have landed over a right place. When it comes to choosing a machine for yourself, the criteria of considering a CPU satisfactory differs from person to person. However, according to the stats that have been collected by targeting a huge audience declare the following CPU manufacturers, the best, Have a look!



What matter is what inside and Intel gets you the best technology for your computer to stay alive. Intel makes the fundamentals for your CPU and builds the essential technologies that serve the foundation for the world’s leading computing devices to make them alive, from motherboard chipsets to graphic chips and network interface controllers, your CPU is certainly comprised of many of its elements. Recently HP expands X2 lines with Intel Core-Powered Split X2. The world leader of silicon innovation has made NEC to jump the gun and releasing the full specs of laptop, which is the only one existing with Intel’s 4th generation core processor, aka, Haswell.



AMD and Intel were working hands-in-hands and were considered to be equal, until AMD gave a blow to Intel by producing 8MHz and went on as high as 16-20MHz where as Intel’s model generally ranged from 6-10MHz at that time. Then on AMD kept on innovating with new technology and K7 is a pinnacle to a company, but what secretly made it to land second on the list is mismanagement, wrong predictions and may be its fortune of Intel to be called as best as old is gold.



You have got a question to answer? IBM has presented Watson, an artificially intelligent computer system capable of answering anything. You got issues with your computer or nanotechnology; their services are present to encounter the issue at your steps. From hardware to software innovations the IBM has moved on with super computers as the company sold its personal computer business to Lenovo. IBM was awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation by Barack Obama on September, 2009.



NVIDIA has now introduced the world to the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU), a high performance

Processor which generates breathtaking speed and interaction. The battle is on the peak with “GeForce”, NVIDIA’s main GPU product line and “Radeon” an AMD’s product. The SlateBook x2, a hybrid cousin to HP Slate Android tablet will now comprise of “Project Grey” Tegra4, an new innovation of NVIDIA, featuring 5 times more GPU core for the first time.



1974 when an idea came to an existence following Intel to the world with 8-bit microprocessor that included RAM, ROM and other support chips and today the company has expanded to such an extent that it actually invented a family that works with only 5 volt battery and comprising of gold chips. Its processors involved into some of the most influential designs in computing history such as 68000, the first Apple Macintosh processor and the PowerPC architecture.

6)Conner Langan

Conner, the son of carpenter, starting right with the ‘tub’ type of head-disk assembly, has now become the second largest manufacturer of hard disk drives after Seagate Technology, they sets out a record by reaching $1.337 billion in sales in four years in 1990 without acquisitions and has grown faster than any other company in US. Despite of growing competition Conner’s move into data storage and his efforts to encourage computer companies to design Conner drives into their products’ promised to keep it in first tier of computer peripherals manufacturer.



Do you love Ice Age (the movie) Blue Sky Studios used a Sun Server Farm to create Ice Age Dawn of the dinosaurs. Sun is finally getting along with speed, simplicity and an open network system architecture which you are going to love and now finally hand-in-hand with Oracle and you will be surprised to know they are faster than IBM.


Qualcomm Chips

They are the world leader in next-gen mobile technologies that accelerate wireless life though are the American global semiconductor company, designers and suppliers of CDMA chipsets, camera phones, trackers, game players, digital wireless telecommunication products. If you want to see what kind of power future Android devices will be packing, get ready to hold on with Qualcomm.



The technology based in Taiwan and is a part of Formosa Plastic Group. The main products that it manufactures are integrated circuits, CPUs, integrated memory and it is the world’s biggest independent manufacturer of motherboard chipsets. The company conduct research and development of its chipsets within its own four walls and so VIA prides itself in being a fables semiconductor company.



A brand name for series of Digital Signal Processor founded their initials in 1983 has now firmly holds a perfect solution for high performance mobile application. You would love to check out TI’s OMAP4 that holds 1.5GHz Dual-Core Cortex-A9 that is best to run your high performance applications.

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