10 Countries that do not celebrate Christmas Officially!

countries not celebrate christmasChristmas has finally reached and people, all over the world are giving final touches to their planning of celebrating Christmas this year. Now that the world seems completely diffused, it is hard to label a particular country for a tradition. In fact, the cultures and the traditions are respected from people who belong to different cultures. However, there are countries that respect the eve but do not celebrate Christmas officially due to several reasons, religion been the major one.

Here are 10 countries that do not celebrate Christmas officially, Have a look!


Religion: Islam


Reason: The whole concept behind celebrating Christmas is celebrating the birth of son of God Prophet Jesus, which is denied in the teachings of Islam. Islam considers Allah, the one and only with no children or family therefore a major event Christmas is not celebrated in Pakistan. However with the passage of time and increasing number of Christians in Pakistan it has gained some space into the culture of country and 25th December is a holiday on account of birthday of founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah and not Christmas.


Religion: mainly Buddhism


Reason: In china Christmas is celebrated in some parts unofficially where as in mainland its not. If you walked around a major Chinese city 20 years ago, you probably wouldn’t have seen many signs of Christmas. This is because Christmas is a Christian holiday and not many Chinese people are Christian. However in Hong Kong and Macau there is a public holiday to celebrate Christmas based on the fact that china have history of being ruled by English man in past.


Religion: Buddhism and Taoism mainly


Reason: Taiwan has a history of diversity in religions and Christmas is not a festival for all in Taiwan as in other neighboring countries of Taiwan. During Christmas in Taiwan, people sets out for shopping, and gathers in food-courts and restaurants, thus the merchant of various business receives handsome revenue during this time. So, considering the commercial aspects of Christmas in Taiwan it has been treated as an important festival of the locality in these days however still not celebrated.


Religion: Buddhism and Shinto


Reason: Christmas is not observed as a national holiday in japan however exchange of gifts and shopping by common people takes place. Christmas parties and get together is a part of day on 25th December in japan. All this is a part of festival and celebrations in Christmas is a part of bringing boom in commerce industry of japan even though it is not celebrated as a national holiday festival.


Religion: Judaism


Reason: A coincidence happens in Israel a public holiday of Hanukah falls around the same time of Christmas however holiday of Christmas is not celebrated in Israel. For the promotion of tourist industry and to give benefit to Christian people living in Israel festivals and special arrangements are made in around historical places such as Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jerusalem.


Religion: Islam

Reason: Being an Islamic state morocco does not celebrate the festival of Christians that is Christmas for the reason that its authenticity is denied in the views and believes of Islam. Still, bits and pieces of the holiday can be found, thanks to French influence and a good-sized expat community. Morocco can be visited for sightseeing and other tourist purposes however Christmas enthusiast won’t find something amazing for Christmas celebration as a whole.


Religion: Islam

Reason: it’s a rich Muslim citizens state and therefore its very hard to find any Christmas celebration in the mainland of turkey. As the Christmas is celebrated round the end of the year so its celebration by the minorities in turkey is mingled up with New Year celebrations and houses and churches are decorated and even gifts are being distributed among children.


Religion: Islam

Reason: In Iran Christmas is known as the little feast. Though not quite rising to the status of an unofficial holiday in Iran, Christmas festivities have been increasingly popular among Iran’s young. Holiday greetings were swapped enthusiastically by those who dwell online and in the Persian blogosphere. In a nutshell it can be said it is not celebrated on official grounds however it has gained some popularity in the culture of Iran.


Religion: Islam

Reason: The country as whole is Muslim so Christmas rituals are not followed where as Americans and Christians residing on the land celebrate Christmas. Christians living there are fearful after the threats and after Duraid Islam said, “There will be no celebration or anything of that sort,” said Duraid Islam, a 41-year-old clerk. “We will keep it quiet because things are really bad. We are not targeted only at churches, but even in our houses because they will plant bombs outside our homes as well.” So this year unluckily due to heard threats by extremist groups to bomb churches on Christmas day, there is going to be year of cancelled holiday celebrations and Christmas Masses. A Christian priest at Sa’a Church in Mosul said “I’m very sad that we are not able to have our rituals for Christmas this year and not have a sermon, but we do not want any Christians to be harmed.”

10)Saudi Arabia

Religion: Islam

Reason: Saudi Arabia is the most sacred and center of all Muslim rituals. Any occasion which is not part of Islam is not observed in any part of it. It is a complete Muslim estate which follows the teachings of Islam solely.

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