Top 10 Countries with Highest Suicide Rates

Top 10 Countries with Highest Suicide Rates Suicide attempts and threats are getting a strong hold in our societies these days. Youngsters and teenagers are the real victims of suicides. Despite knowing about the consequences, people still opt for it as one of the easiest way out of their troubles. There is not just one reason behind it; there is an ocean of examples which lead people to destruction of their lives. Suicide is not the only solution, there are other ways to sort things out. However, there are some countries with highest suicide rates and their governments are trying hard to eliminate the root cause for it. There would have been less delay and less time will be confused. Don’t worry, things will be great!

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1) Lithuania

Suicide Rate: 42.0


Lithuania is a country in Northern Europe. It is the largest of the three Baltic states. It is another country to declare independence from Soviet Union. It is very unfortunate for a country like Lithuania to have such a dishonorable title of being the highest suicide rate bearer. The suicide rate in this country has increased over the last ten years and the government is not the government is not taking any interest in it. They keep on ignoring the increasing suicide rates and bring bad name to their country.

2) Russia

Suicide Rate: 37.4


Russia is a Northern Eurasia country with a semi-presidential republic. It has a very high rate of suicidal deaths which mainly comprise of young boys who are into drug abuse, alcohol, depression, stress and other disorders. Since the dissolution of Soviet Union, 1 million suicides have been recorded in Russia. The major reason behind suicide in Russia is alcoholism.

4) Belarus

Suicide Rate: 35.0


Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. It is one of those countries which have high suicide rates due to their political conditions and the environment. Even after independence from Soviet Union, the country still had ties with Russia and the President. In order to keep the regime, the elections were rigged and the opponents were very violently treated causing a sudden increase in suicidal deaths.

4) Latvia

Suicide Rate: 34.3


Latvia is a country in Baltic region of Northern Europe. It declared independence from Soviet Union in 1991 and had the highest economic growth of all times. Despite being hit by global recession, the company managed to bring itself out of the trauma but still there are a large number of people who commit suicide in Latvia. The reason being women discrimination, after-effects of communism and the corruption of government in several places.

5) Estonia

Suicide Rate: 33.2


Estonia is a state in Baltic region of Northern Europe. It is considered as a high-income economy by World Bank. It has ethnic homogeneity and proper distribution of family income. It is the least religious country. The suicide rates in Estonia are quite high despite of being a stable country.

6) Hungary

Suicide Rate: 32.1


Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe. Hungary was previously on the list of countries with highest suicide rates due to World War I and the state of the country. But now, the situation has improved quite a lot.

7) Slovenia

Suicide Rate: 32.9


Slovenia is a nation in Southern Central Europe. Due to communism, Slovenia also suffers from high rate of suicidal deaths. Things began to improve after independence but due to recession all over the world, Slovenia went back to its previous state.

8) Ukraine

Suicide Rate: 29.4


Ukraine is a country in Central Europe. It is yet another country with high suicide rates but the exact reasons are not clear.

9) Kazakhstan

Suicide Rate: 28.7


Kazakhstan is a country in Central Asia. It has been suffering quite a lot after its independence from Soviet Union in 1991. Despite being a republic, it is known as authoritarian government.

10) Finland

Suicide Rate: 24.3


Finland is a Nordic country situated in the Fennoscandian region of Northern Europe. Finland being a hub for cellular phones and latest technology, still suffers from high suicide rates.

Suicide has become one of the most common reasons of death across the world which is an alarming situation. All for now!

Stay Blessed!

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  1. Oh thanks God there is no Pakistan. Suicide is bad thing and we should try to avoid it whatever the circumstances. Suicide is not a way to get rid off from your difficulties.

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