Convert PDF To Image File in Windows 8- Tutorial 3!

pdf to image on windows 8Microsoft’s record breaking hype creating invention, the windows 8 consumer view has been the center of attention since the day it was out. It has not only open new doors for the windows users, but also has shown new ways to the developers. Since its advent, the programmers are found busy in programming their softwares to make their pieces compatible with windows 8 operating system. Giant companies like Firefox and Skype have been busy throughout these three months, finding their place now in the new market.

When it comes to simple Windows user, who uses his machine only for his work, he has no interest in the fire spread in tech-world. For such consumers, it’s important not bring changes in those sides that will make their work tough or some alternatives are needed to be introduced. The all time hassle, the conversion of PDF files can be easily resolved with the following tutorial where the users can convert their PDF files to image on Windows 8.


1) It’s Free!

2) Convert PDF file to JPEG image files with no page limit!

3) Easy to use

4) Ensures security

An excellent tool needed to be downloaded is FM PDF to JPG Convertor, I have been using it a couple of times recently and let me tell you, it works all fine. It converts your PDF files with high quality formats. The best part is- it is all free! You can always protect your converted files by specifying a password and keeping your documents secure.


You need to have Java installed in your machine to make it work. Download Java for your pc and start converting your PDF files into image files.


Download PDF to JPG Converter:

Click here to get this amazing tool.

Click to download and save it.

Run the file by double – clicking on the exe.

Follow instructions.

Although there are several PDF file converting softwares available on the internet, you will find most of them as trial versions, and if luckily you landed up somewhere offering a crack which is a free download, you will then have to compromise on page limits. Moreover, the quality after conversion is totally disaster which sometimes leads in corrupting the files.

This software works completely fine with the new Windows 8 and I really hope you get benefitted with it as did i!

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8 thoughts on “Convert PDF To Image File in Windows 8- Tutorial 3!”

  1. great post! looking forward to trying out Windows 8 myself 🙂

    As far as PDF to image conversion, and vice versa, goes, I’ve been using PDF Converter Elite for some time now and have been very happy with this program. Check them out at, even their free conversion services are pretty sweet.

    • hey pal,
      first of all, welcome to your very own SEM, i have come across to your comment for the very first time and would like to thank you for following up.
      your liked it, thats the best part:)
      thanks for contributing:)

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  3. Great idea. Great work. it doesn’t work in a nokia 300 phone. I always want to look at those pdf files unsuccessfully. What can i do with this phone.

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