Most Common Reasons Why You Fail Making Money Online

it will pay me nothingToday, anyone who is computer skilled and knows about blogging and other ways to earn money online wants to start his own set up too. According to the statistics, only 5% of them are able to make it. Now think about the rest of 95%. What are the reasons that make their efforts unproductive? Is it because they chose a wrong line to work on or because the luck is not favoring them? Well, it’s something beyond that!

Here are few reasons that stop you from making money Online:

Your Illusions eat you away!

Money making is something harder than what it looks. People think that it’s all about sharing your content on internet and when it attracts the people, the traffic brings money with it. You see, they partially know the style of money making but do not follow it. I just stated that “they think… when it attracts the people…”now the question one should ask before even thinking of starting his own set up of a blog, freelancing, etc that what attracts the traffic. There are internet marketers that sell lies about easy online earning methods, however, in reality, they have no existence! I have been repeating again and again in previous posts that there is no short cut in hard work, and that is the key to success, no matter whatever you do, u need to work hard for it! The same formula applied here too!

Unclear planning

confusionWhat will happen if you leave your home without knowing your destination some morning? It will be all a mess! You will face confusion, problems, and when you will return, you will realize, you achieved nothing except unnecessary fatigue! Now relate! You should decide your destination; identify your goals and the way you will choose to reach them. For example, if you choose blogging as your way, you must first plan what to blog about? What people want to see? How will you bring the traffic? How much you will invest? After what time period you will at least achieve your break-even point? How much maximum profit can you make? What if it’s all a lose? Will you be able to engulf the loss?

Plan your ways, plan your life!

Afraid of taking Initiatives

Success is all about initiating! You can search about any successful man; the key to his victory is his initiating spirits. People get to know about online earning ways, they think of adopting these methods and- and keeps on thinking. This is obvious that when you are not sure of what you are doing, you don’t trust your abilities, and then God help you! Taking an action, and again an effective action is demanded to make money! People often lack this thinking and that is what holds them back and stop them from taking steps.

A Business is a Business!

As I just stated above, you need to be clear in your planning, decide first, either it’s just a way for you to pass time or you are ready to stand up for a serious business here. Money making online is not easier than making money in real life. I have seen bloggers who create blogs and leave them. How can an empty, uninteresting, meaningless blog or website can pay you dollars? Think!


What you should do here is, you should make priorities in life. Even if online money making is a half time job for you, then work whenever you can and where ever you can, keeping the thought in mind that you have to do it anyway. Just like, you do things when your Boss commands you to. Online earning business however saves you from being under pressure of any physical boss, but you need to be your own boss in this case!

Lack of Inconsistency

Let’s start it with some example, think about some actor who gives an awesome performance in one of his movie followed with 20 big flops. How will you grade him? Got my point? Your internet business will never bring you profit if you never show up good work.inconsistent-behavior1

Keep a difference in between creating hype and a space in the intervals of your posts.

Low Traffic and exchanges

It’s all about traffic, people! No traffic, no sales, no money! The major problem of inexperienced people is that their priority is to learn how to make money online. They set up blog, webs, but no one visits them. An average website converts about 2-3% of its traffic into sales. The more the page visits, the more you gain. You need to focus on traffic.

In some cases, you get considerable visits but no revenue is generated, then here, you need to debug the problem. You should then rework on your website design, its content, products, articles, etc.

Lack of help

helpWhen you start something to make money online, I suggest you to first find the answers of your questions relating to your insecurities. Search on Google, join Forums like, ask your questions and make your grounds smooth before starting a journey of this business

Good things take time

Earning Online needs time. People often get fed up with their business at the time when it is about to give fruitful results. You need to have patience for at least six initial months. During this time, you should not expect anything; in fact concentrate on your content during this time. Don’t forget that all good things take time!time and money

Internet allows you to make so much more than your expectations but there are certain rules and regulations, some tips and tricks to make your identity in this huge market!
You should be aware of all possible threats you can come across, learn about the Frauds in online money making business.

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