Top 10 Most Comfortable Jobs in 2013

comfortable jobs in 2013Are you tired of missing dinner at home? Every day you are home, sick and tired of your jobs, working for 16 hours a day, spoiled your every chance to spend with your family and friends, missing parties in short ruining your life after money which will never be enough, are you happy with money? Here are few tips for happy life, earn to enjoy but do not let your money to take away your fun and life. Try any of these least stressful jobs in 2013 and you will definitely feel difference and those who are part of it do not hesitate to share your reviews and help your friends.

1)University Professor

Median Salary: $62,000

Teaching was never been difficult until or unless you have been repeating the same class for years. It might be difficult to teach students to write, or make them learn poem, but teachers at university level are only concerned about delivering their lecture despite of worrying you listen or not, because students are old enough to understand their responsibilities. It is least stressful because even if you miss a topic a student won’t bother to come and argue rather they will be glad you call off a day before time.


Median Salary: $26,000

Take it if you can do it. Stitching, designing and experimenting is always fun and you never get tired because the moment you done with a fabulous outfit according to your customer demand and desire, you will be praised like never before. Tailors enjoy the essence of verities and are always satisfactory because once you did a good job; no doubt you got your customer forever.

3)Medical Records Technician

Median Salary: $32,000

Maintain it on time and your job done! Note down about patient’s admission/discharge. Keep the record rooms manageable. Enjoy the ease of your work because your consultant/boss won’t bother to come and check, are files or data arranged properly, all what they concern is whether you deliver the file on time or not. Make sure you don’t miss one.


Median Salary: $35,000

Jewelry will never go extinct no matter where you living or till when you are going to live. If you can turn anything fabulously stunning, then do not hesitate to step in. There is always changing of trends from going Stone Age to metal age and with variations comes the designs, and with designs comes the desire of having more. Keep experimenting, mold, and twist or drill the stones or metal, who knows your design could be next to go on with trend.

5)Medical Laboratory Technician

Median Salary: $47,000

It is just about 10cc blood and you are done. Every day you receive a day orders of patients admitted and all what you have to do is puncture them, collect a blood sample and send it to lab and enjoy sitting while the huge machines do the job for you. No emergency calls and no hurry to provide urgent results. Work calmly, safely and above all enjoy the freedom because no one is going to say ever, that this is a wrong answer, do it again.


Median Salary: $67,000

What can you do if your patient can’t hear? Simple, he is not your patient you have to look for the one who is experiencing symptoms of hearing loss. All what you have to diagnose and treat is patient hearing, tinnitus and balance problems using advance technology and procedures. The audiologists are expert in non medical management of auditory and balance system. No one is going to come with do and die situation so you will mostly get to work in calm and less freaky conditions.


Median Salary: $53,000

Enjoy the treasure of being the happiest and healthiest, you will stay happy because no one will be dying because of you, and stay healthy because you know better about food. What could be easier to understand and memorize when you can actually eat, feel and touch your bookish knowledge every day. Dietitian knows all about food, you simply have to tell someone, what to eat and to what they are restricted. Enjoy the safe side game because a patient could ask you what to eat but he will never argue why!

8)Hair stylist

Median Salary: $23,000

Never to worry! Even if you made a wrong cut, hairs will grow again. Hair stylist could never feel guilty to death because they are playing with the most easily regain and renewable source, HAIR! Experiment, try and style all what can make your customer look fresh and new. Hairs plays vital role to make you look good and hairstylist have a total control of what they are doing. Take as long as you can, charge as much as you want, but make sure you get your customer the style they are looking for, or else get ready to end up with no hair.


Median Salary: $55,000

There is no loss ever, even if you lost a book! Librarian enjoy sitting and signing books and once the book is handed over to students librarian has no consult where it is unless you get it back on time or else she is going to charge you more. If you love books and you think you can carry them, this is totally your job. Just keep a check on books and enjoy being with the treasure in silent environment.

10)Drill Press Operator

Median Salary: $32,000

Standing and drilling holes with no ultimate power needed has become one of the most desiring jobs. Though the operators are working with heavy machinery in industrial environment, the BLS report states that this work has little danger, and operator typically have the ability to work at their own pace, that makes the profession one of the most desirable career in manufacturing industry.

This is the rough idea based on the statistics been noticed by now. The results might vary in your case, depending on your capability and interests.

Happy 2013,


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