A Closer Look At The Net Worth Of E L James

clip_image003.jpgThe passing year that is 2014 has not been a healthy one for the authors all over the world. But there is one name that was not even heard or known only a few days back, appeared to be on the top spot of the list of highest paid authors of the year. Yes! The most influential Erika Leonard, also known as E L James came up to be the top earning authors with an exceptional record of earning $95 million between June 2012 and June 2013.

E L James being a frormer TV executive has got a number of ventures that can be considered in contributing to her estimated net worth but all her other assets and her trilogy named as “50 shades of grey” are not worth a comparison. She started off with posting stories in 2009 with a unique and comprehensive style. But the greatest of all, she compiled a fan fiction erotic romance novel adopted from Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” named as “50 shades of Grey”. This piece of art got an exceptional fame and became a bestselling novel of the time. Its sequels named “50 shades darker” and “50 shades freed” followed the novel and became a part of this success.

According to Forbes, this trilogy became one of the tremendously fast selling books in the history of fan fiction. 35 million copies being sold in United States and over 70 million all over the world made it possible for James to earn this huge money.

It is now a fact that she is earning 7% royalty $14 paperback and 25% royalty on every $10 eBook. If we put a closer look, she has been earning about 1 million dollars weekly which sums up like: 4 million paperback got sold and around 1 million ebooks that individually makes 3 million in both categories.

Not only the novel, but also James has been paid $5 million from Universal Features for the film rights to her trilogy “50 shades”.

E.L James

Apart from her writing career, she has always been indulged in different huge business ventures like smart stock investments, making assets and properties. She is an owner of many restaurants and a brand of Vodka.

She is also active in the fashion market of the world and her shares in Covergirl cosmetics are also necessarily considerable. Her fashion line is named as “E.L James seduction” and also she owns one of the top selling perfumes “with love from Erika”.

The story of this powerful woman is an inspiring one to learn a lesson of making fortune with using all the talent and empowering the strength smartly.


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