Click2Sell Vs. ClickBank – Which One Makes More Sales?

Earlier, we wrote about using Click2Sell on HubPages to earn money. We discussed about some of the incentives of using Click2Sell. Today, we will talk about its competitor, Clickbank. Or is it the other way round? In any case, these two are similar to each other and hence pose a tough competition among themselves.

ClickBank and Click2Sell are advertising and affiliate networks. ClickBank was set up in 1998, and has attracted more than 1 million affiliate marketers. and tens of thousands of vendors since! It is the world leader in e-Product based affiliate marketing, and since it has been around for a very long time, it was the Big Guy around here. That is, until other networks like PayDotCom and Click2Sell stepped up!

Click2Sell is a network very similar to ClickBank. But ever since its advent a few years ago, it has posed a serious threat to ClickBank. It provides a lot more features and ease of use and other attractive options. Click2Sell will devour ClickBank unless they step up their game, and do it quick!

ClickBank Vs. Click2Sell – Comparison!


   User friendly – easy to set up payments etc Somewhat harder to get the hang of
   Up to 95% commission for affiliates Up to 75% commission for affiliates
   Earn up to 30% referral commission for affiliates Earn up to 20% referral commission for affiliates
Monthly payouts (affiliates) Weekly Payouts (affiliates)
   Receive Payments through PayPal, Moneybookers,, WorldPay, or Google Checkout.   Payments through Mail, direct deposit etc..
Accepts GBP, EUR and USD (Vendors)    Accepts 13 different currencies (vendors)
Free affiliate registration Free affiliate registration
Payouts manually controlled by vendors    Payouts controlled by ClickBank
   No minimum amount of sales needed for payouts A set minimum limit to receive first payout
Small Marketplace for advertisers – relatively smaller database    Large Marketplace for advertisers – a large  competitive database
Small number of Affiliates    Large number of Affiliates
   Six Months expiration of cookies Cookies expire in 30 days
   Sell any product, digital or physical Sell digital products only
   Free registration for merchants One time setup cost of $49.95
   Highly advanced tracking system – track sales in great detail Almost only the essential information is displayed
   Set any price for products merchants) Max price of $50 for first 8 weeks – apply for price increase
   Merchants not paying affiliates are barred. Tight referral links, no one can steal your commission – honest dealings A lot of useless items on the marketplace and some frauds as well
   Can sell many (multiple) products per account (merchants) Can only sell one product per account (merchants)
   Sign up from anywhere in the world Limited Access


What we have learned so far…

Taking a quick glance at the table above, it is evident that Click2Sell is in the lead. Which proves our claim that Click2Sell is the better option. Don’t get me wrong though. If you are a merchant and want to sell a product, then ClickBank is for you. It provides a large market and lots of affiliates willing to advertise for you at relatively lower rates. But overall, Click2Sell is the better option if you are an affiliate and want to earn some money.

Now that we have established who is boss, lets now talk more about Click2Sell. Click2Sell also provides some extra features that ClickBank doesn’t. Here are some features that we didn’t include in our comparison.

  • Advanced tracking system – Although we did talk about this one, it is worth mentioning again in a bit more detail. Vendors are able to see the number of views, visitors and sales, track conversion rates, refund rates, income and more. You can create different “tracking channels” to test different sources of traffic and their profitability. Click2Sell allows you to track keyword searches. And there are a lot more options that you can go and check out for yourself! Hence it’s a great way of monitoring your progress.
  • Dedicated Customer Support – This factor is also crucial to users not comfortable with a service. Click2Sell provides excellent customer support. They even provide FAQs and User Guides for Merchants and Affiliates separately.
  • Merchant options – Merchants are given a lot of options. They can ban unwanted affiliates, and restrict sales to any set of countries or exclude any country. Merchant can also make promotional tools available to affiliates. Merchants retain 100% control over their products and refunds, unlike ClickBank. Merchants are also rated based on their integrity and payment schedule.
  • Security – Click2Sell guarantees security. Security of your products, commissions, downloads etc. No one can “steal” your commission or commit any kind of fraud. Click2Sell also provides secure download pages that expire after 72 hours so that no one except your customer can download the product.

All in all, Click2Sell, although relative new, is a great opportunities for people who want to earn money online or advertise their products. Given time, we are sure Click2Sell will surpass ClickBank in the remaining areas as well. It is already drawing ClickBank users away. And for a company that started so recently, its current progress is remarkable

That’s it for now. Do provide us with your opinions and feedback. You have read what we’ve got to say. So we ask again; ClickBank or Click2Sell – What do YOU say? Smile

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  1. I needed a detailed comparison and info like this about Click2Sell.
    I like the interface and the marketplace looks nice.
    Now that I’m convinced, I’m going to register right away.

    By the way correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you made a mistake in the comparison chart about the physical and digital products allowance, Clickbank does accept physical products; I just remembered promoting Panic Away which has both digital and physical versions.


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