Top 10 Christmas Timeline Covers of 2012

christmas coversChristmas preparations are at its peak around the world. Thanks to Google for actually giving me an idea to share some best images to be chosen as a cover photo for your Facebook Timeline.Like Olympics, Google seems much inclined in promoting the Holy occasion this year and has changed its layout in accordance to the Christmas decorations. How about giving a Christmas touch to your Facebook Profile?  Here are the some of the best Covers to be uploaded as you cover photo and greet all your friends indirectly.

Have a look!

1) Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

Decorations make the event look special, and when it comes to Christmas, these red-golden combination is what people look for.  If you are decent one, this is what you need to choose.

2) Celebrations

party time

If you are a partyholic and have some special plans like giving a party to your loved ones this Christmas then such covers  that help your potential guests getting attracted towards your party is what your cover photo should be.

3) Shopping Christmas

Christmas market

Pictures speak more than the words, or rather statuses can.isn’t it? Many people often shop a lot for special occasions and for Christmas it’s a never ending one. If you are busy in buying gifts or love to go shopping, then let your friends know about how exactly the Christmas market looks like this year.

4) Kids Love-Santa!

Not only kids, but even people of my age enjoy seeing Santas around in December. Depending on your age and likes, Something full of fun can also be a good option.

kids love SAnata

5) Dine-Out Christmas!

It is also possible that you are probably living abroad and unable to celebrate Christmas like a grand party with your loved ones, in that case, you need to look for some simple happenings. Many people love to go out for dinners and covers like the following is also a decent choice.

christmas dinner

6) Snowman!

Many people associate Christmas with winters and snowman. True enough, after all its all chilly out there. Checkout this Cover, it is one of the highly rated ones these days.

snowman christmas

7) Christmas Tree

Christmas tree is a symbol of the event where almost all the Christian brothers decorate one in their homes, considering it Holy. Christmas Trees look beautiful, they would surely make your profile look good too.

christmas tree

8) Ginger Bells


9) Animated Covers

If you love to keep your profile the most trendy way, animated covers are the best choice to enjoy your Christmas on the Social Media.


10) Christmas Messages

A more wise choice is uploading an image that reveals some message to your friends.

christmas messages

Hope these covers work out for you this year,

Best Wishes

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