10 Reasons to Choose or Reject Gmail’s new Compose feature!

gmail new featureChange is good, especially when it has been quite long to have one. Gmail takes care of its users, thereby it is always coming up with improve and better outlook with amazing features to provide easy access. No more junky mails or impossible to clean your account. Gmail, with its new compose feature is allowing users the option of cleaner or more efficient format. Here are some expert advices on whether to stick with your old Gmail or shift to new be solely your decision. Hope the following writing may help you to pick best for your homepage.

Here are reasons why you should give it a chance and enjoy its features, which you may not find anywhere else.

1)Switching Between the Two Interface is Easy

Gmail is not imposing on you to use the new compose feature. If you are not happy, not liking it or missing desperately your old Gmail formula, you can easily shift back to Old Compose via clicking on the small arrow in the right corner of the emails and select “switch back to old compose” and enjoy being back to old home.

2)Minimize Drafts

Do you forget to complete and send your undone emails, crash up in misery by the moment you realize it? Are you writing an email that seems never ending even after you have been working over it since hour now work on drafts over time by using Gmail New Compose, with which it has become easier to put the tasks on the back burner. It is similar like minimizing your G-chat conversation already functions. By this way you will never miss to left any email undone.

3)More Focus Interface

If you are looking for more cleaner interface for your message than do not wait a second to shift to New Compose Gmail because most of the options of your choice are residing next to send button on the bottom-left corner.

4)Multiple Drafts at Once

Are you writing down multiple emails or copying from multiple emails to a compose a single new email, then you do not have to struggle or torture the back button on your screens, you can simply open multiple drafts, that will be sitting right next to each other on your Gmail screen and work in ease. No more wasting or waiting for email to open again and again.

5)Background Activity can Continue Uninterrupted

Do you feel like searching for something while typing down your email? Carry on without worries as Compose won’t interrupt the draft you are working on. You can even respond to pressing email with your original email intact. Learn the art of multitasking and enjoy using Gmail.

Now let’s see the other way round, why would you wish to stay with Old Compose.

old compose feature

1)User Friendly

With new Gmail compose you get a hard time to find tools which are essential for all the daily users to get done with important mails. Buried in the creativity the new compose yet not able to surpass the phenomenon of Old is Gold which is the availability of heavy tool factory available for the users to compose their mails in old compose.

2)New Gmail Chat Interface

Multi tasking has always been a fun task of humans. However new Gmail compose design has failed to fulfill this expectation. With old Gmail comes a new chat appears to be on right, a little box not hurdling your work however new Gmail compose tires to occupy nearly all the space available on the screen which surely a distraction for G-chat users.

3)CC and Bcc Chopped Away

It’s always not just one person you need to mail the same content. For this reason u need options to add further ids however with the new look of Gmail compose one find it difficult or simply forgets the existence of this option as it has been placed on far right corner of the compose design.

4)More Space to Write

We all need to go back to messages while writing new ones whether it is an email or an instant message but definitely that will going to irritate you because we all appreciate a distraction free environment when writing. However just focusing on the email right now, we have been immune to the type of interface where we can swiftly shift to new email while not disturbing the current activity on Gmail. Opening new mail in Old Compose brings up a large blank area which hides the previous activates which may distract you while writing an important email.

5)Messy Windows

Clean and organized environment is the key to success for any job. Yet the new Gmail again failed to focus on this task and when a heavy Chatter or multitasking person uses new Gmail compose he ends up in a clutter of chats with many windows popping just in front of him and makes it easy to lose any important window too.

After going through the above stated points, it is clear that the decision is totally yours whether to enjoy the previous one or the new one. More or less it’s the same story.

Happy Mailing,