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ajay dvganOnce you pick acting as your career, you need to make sure that you are socially available to your fans who want to know all about you. Thanks to social media, the news and updates about every celebrity is widely available on sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, it has been seen that there are celebrities who love sharing their lives with their fans by updating them through their self-run blogs and websites.

What people often misjudge about blogging is that they find handling of blogs as a technical thing; however, creating a blog and updating it are two different things. If you are a Bollywood fan and loves to follow your favorite celebrities, here are few of the blogs that are owned by the Indian celebrities and are frequently updated. These blogs are been used as a platform to interact with the followers and share all what celebrities want their fans to know.

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1) Amir Khan

Official Blog:

mir khan

The Chocolate hero, Amir Khan doesn’t need an introduction. From his first movie to the recent one, none went in veins, Being choosy about the projects he picks, Amir is known for his implicit personality in the Bollywood industry. He is an active writer on his website and keeps his readers updated about everything important happening in his professional and personal life.

2) Ajay Devgan

Official Blog

ajay dvgan

An actor who never looks old, from the movies like “Najaizz”, “Ishq”, “Jaan”,to the roles in the movies “Golmaal”, “Singham”, “Son of Sardar”, etc, Ajay Devgan has been proving his versatility throughout his Bollywood career.

His blog is indeed an attractive one which is updated frequently with the news of his upcoming projects and views about the previous ones.

3) Amitabh Bacchan

Official Blog


Who doesn’t know this man! Big B is one of those legends of the Bollywood industry that shine so bright that none of the new star can ever touch the similar charm even. Amitabh Bachchan writes frequently on his blog and shares his successes, happiness and family proceedings on this very platform.

4) Bipasha Basu

Official Blog

bipasha basu

Young celebrities better know the impact of being in limelight through social media and Bipasha enjoys the benefit here the most. Her blog is glamorous just as she is and truly speaking, I found her blog interesting enough. Check her blog to know more about the latest happenings in her career.

5) Pooja Bedi

Official Blog


Belonging from a family where father Kabir Bedi is known for his exceptional personality and acting, Pooja Bedi has had been seen in movies like Ashiqui, Jo jeet wohi sikandar, etc. Her career as an actress didn’t last much but she turned out to be a phenomenal anchor and is seen on different channels and talk shows on and off!

6) Rohit Roy

Official Blog

rohit roy

Starting his career from silver screen, Rohit Roy has had been enjoying some great daily soups of Ekta Kapoor. Having his mentors all at home, Rohit has learned a lot from his elder brother Ronit Roy, who too is a known actor. Rohit is also known as a producer and is an active writer at his blog.

7) Shilpa Shetty

Official Blog


The lady who never seems old, Shilpa Shetty is one of those actresses who have contributed a great deal in helping Indian Cinemas to flourish. Shilpa, though not getting reasonable roles as an actress now is still admired for her diva look.

8) Shekhar Kapur

Official Blog


Shekhar is a big name when we see the list of multitalented celebrities in Bollywood who are making money through their acting skills as well as through film making.

9) Sanjay Suri

Official Blog


Sanjay is indeed a good looking contestant of the Bollywood industry and has been enjoying a considerable fan following since the very start of his career. He is active on his blog and shares everything appropriate with his fans.

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  1. Shilpa Shetty’s account has been suspended. Can anybody figure what’s wrong with that account?
    Anyways, I would expect this list to be updated with world’s top celebrity’s blogs.

  2. Mr. Perfect is my favorite bollywood hero and I got good message when tried to open his website “Silence is golden.” . BTW Some websites are redirecting to the official pages of bollywood celebrities.

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