20 Popular Celebrities who drive Ferrari in 2013

Celebrities who drive Ferrari Being rich and famous do not only brings you revenue and respect but also offers luxury and gadgets that further compliment your popularity. Think of yourself getting a wealth of a $50 million. It is more likely that you will love to grasp a Ferrari as your only vehicle. We have been discussing much about the lifestyles of your favorite celebrities who are luckily, one of the most richest ones too, here are 20 popular celebrities who drive Ferrari in 2013!

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1)Curtis James Jackson

The rough and tough American rapper and hip hop artist discovered by Eminem and Dr. Dre, born in Africa but live his entire life in New York. The super hot best rapper has lost several million dollars in stock market as an investor in 2008 due to recession but still the tough guy manages to be one of the richest figures in American hip hop with a net worth estimated $100 million.

50 Cent loves to drive FF

2)Ashton Kutcher

Who knew that a biochemical engineer would actually turn out to be the most influential producer, model and a quite famous face from an American sitcom “The ‘70s Show”. Track down things you want to buy with Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher social shopping platform, The Hunt. Finally you got to keep an on any site that has a photo of its product.

Ashton Kutcher drives California


He knows exactly how to whorl a ball. An American born professional spectacular basketball player, Olympic Gold medalist, is currently been entertained with a salary of $13.5 million USD, currently plays for Chicago Bulls of NBA.

Boozer loves to drive F430 Spider

4)Chief Keef

Bieber wasn’t the only one You Tube explored, Keef is one of them. Hardly people at his school know about his original name, Keith Cozart because before his viral videos and rapping tapes led to a contract with inter-scope, he was a hit on Chicago’s high school circuit by his You Tube account.

Chief Keef loves to drive California

5)The Game

The outrageous rapper and famous stage boy Jayceon Terrell Tylor is considered as a rising star in 2000s and a driving force who is bringing back the West Coast hip hop to the mainstream.

The Game drives F430 Spider

6)Harry Styles

He is one the gorgeous looking youngest British Irish boy band loves to sing, he is greatly influenced with the irony of life of Elvis Presley. He is called as ‘Curly’, ‘Haz’ or ‘Barry’ by his friends. The boy loves to drive custom cars.

Harry Styles drives California

7)Cody Leibel

The smart kid and his dad are highly called as sports car or vintage racing aficionados. Cody who is just 23 is an owner of record label company and shrewd investor. He is one of the youngest individuals ever to own Enzo Ferrari.

Cody Leibel loves his Enzo

8)Hugh Grant

He is the one who is cited as anti-film star is actually Britain’s best known face in acting especially in Notting Hill. His films have gone over US$2.4 Billion from 25 theatrical releases worldwide.

Hugh Grant loves to drive California

9)John Mayer

His smoldering passion for music earned him the fame and royalty. The graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston is songwriter, singer, recording artist and a music producer.

John Mayer loves to drive 599 GTB

10)Ian Poulter

Surely there is no anyone to defeat Poulter as he is playing since the age of four. The Irish golf star is a member of world professional golf tours. The two time world Golf Championship winner is a proud owner of clothing line IJP designs.

Ian Poulter drives FF and California

11)Justin Bieber

Sometimes a video on You Tube can do wonders you could never imagine, that’s what exactly happened with this Canadian boy. The luckiest Canadian kid, ruling over the hearts of youngsters, shaking the world with his songs, acting and breath taking words is now ruling over his white Ferrari.

Justin Bieber loves to drive 458 Italia

12)Josh Childress

6 ft 8 inch tall American basketball NBA player, having 3.5 GPA throughout and score of 1110 on the SAT in enough to explain he deserve to drive Ferrari.

Josh Childress owns beautiful California

13)Alex Rodriguez

Alex, famously known as A-Rod is a youngest baseball player ever to hit 500 and 600 home runs breaking the record of Jimmie Foxx set in 1939 and Babe Ruth. He is under a 10-year $275 million contract with Yankees, the richest contract in baseball history.

Alex Rodriguez loves his 575M Maranello

14)Kevin Durant

The thunder star is a three time NBA scoring basketball champion and Olympic gold medalist. The boy has earned his fortune as a result of numerous endorsement contracts, so basically getting a Ferrari wasn’t a big deal for him.

Kevin Durant has California

15)Ryan Sheckler

An MTV star is basically a professional skateboarder, who gets on board when he was just eight months old, is also an entrepreneur.

Ryan Sheckler loves his F430

16)Flo Rida

Featuring ‘Low’ and T-pain’ sort of songs which remain on top for six weeks and broke the record of digital download sale were from the mind of Flo Rida. You better check out his new song “Tell Me When You are Ready” featuring future! It worth your time!

Flo Rida drives custom California

17)Kim Kardashian

A famous super star model is the possessor of all the luxuries of life and fame.

Kim Kardashian drives custom F430

18)Kobe Bryant

Who do not know Black Mamba, the only player who entered the NBA directly from high school? The Lakers has won five NBA Championships with him on its team. He was the one scoring 81 points, the second most points scored in a single game in NBA history, against Toronto Raptors.

Kobe Bryant loves to drive 458 Italia

19)LeBron James

King James, the star of Miami Heat is the most valuable player of NBA, two time Olympic gold medalist and an NBA scoring champion. He got his wealth as a result of numerous endorsement contracts.

LeBron James drives F430 Spider

20)Mario Balotelli

An Italian footballer and player of Milan enjoy the position of striker and have been enjoying most influential football player in the world now.

Mario Balotelli drives 458 Italia