4 Tips to Remember while Marketing on Social Media!

social mediaSocial media plays a significant role in boosting up a business’s economy, reputation and popularity drastically. Now days, when people are enjoying the best benefits of social media of being connected, some of the businesses suffer with it too. If you are a businessman, a blogger, or a marketer, you truly need to know how to utilize one of the best tools and things you really need to avoid.

Mostly, when you decide to adopt the online money making strategy to meet up your livings, you start it all your own, this means that from driving the traffic, to the marketing policies, its only you and you who has to take care of the things at every point.

Here are the most casual mistakes people do while marketing their brands/ blogs/ websites/products on social media and suffer the most.

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10 Tips To Increase YouTube Views & Make More Money

Guest Post By: Syed Faizan Ali, a Young Teenage who owns a technology blog at MyBloggerLab.com Inspired from MyBloggerTricks

increase-youtube-viewsYouTube is always been a spicy topic for every user as it’s the only online video broadcasting service which is vastly used by users all round the world. It’s the only video broadcasting website which is ranked among the top 10 websites of the world Dailymotion and Metacafe are also in the race but they are way behind of YouTube. There are Tons and millions of videos on almost every topic so if you upload a video on YouTube there are very high chance that your video might not generate the views as you are expecting. It’s becoming very difficult to generate traffic for your videos on YouTube until you don’t have good list of subscribers or you have the ability to create new unique videos. The biggest reason why you are not pulling traffic from YouTube is due to the lack of guidance. After reading today’s post I am sure you will not only improve your YouTube Video views but you will also able to generate revenue from YouTube.

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Best Tools of 2012 to post More than 140 Characters Tweet on twitter

keep sharingSocial Media is all about expressing yourself. The words play very important role in interacting with friends, family and people on social media. Many people however do not appreciate the limitation that is imposed on them for writing Tweets less than 140 words. And I totally agree with them here too, after all, there should be a freedom in expressing and sharing our thoughts when the social media is making Dollars and Dollars just because of our use of it.

So as a remedy to it, I have compiled a good deal of Powerful tools that will allow you to post longer tweets almost up to 500 characters.

Some Tools are as Follows:

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remove facebook timelineFacebook launched, “Facebook Timeline by the end of September 2011. This Timeline replaced the default profile that used to show the most recent updates, with a timeline summary of your entire life (photos, videos, status updates) since your birth on Facebook in a hierarchal manner. It must be noticed here that almost all the other social networks somehow present the profile page in a similar way as that of Facebook’s previous version was. Facebook Timeline has totally changed the outlook of imagining a Social Profile!

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25 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers For Free – Part1

Follow on Twitter

Social media has always taken up the internet market in its control, yesterday, it was orkut, today its Facebook, and tomorrow, its all Twitter!

Twitter is really a powerful tool for online social networking, It promotes your online work and helps you to know people in the  internet world around you. in order to maximize the use of twitter,all you need is to bring followers on the site. By having more people following you, there’s more probability that  will get to know about you! your interests and activities become popular amongst the people who are following you.

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Turn your Facebook hours into Cash, Learn 5 Ways to Make Money using Facebook!


Hey guys, I m sure all my readers are facebookers who love walling friends, uploading pictures, sharing videos ,playing Farmville, but then what? Honestly speaking, we need to ask a question to ourselves that what we are getting in return of wasting precious hours of our lives. So I planned something for you. In this post you will learn 5 best techniques in which your Facebook can bring money all your way! Just imagine!

one plus point about it is that its all free. this means that  you do not need to pay for anything (unlike few idiotic sites). Making money was never so easy. But again, you need a market! In this case your market will be your Facebook friends. If you do not have a friend list up to 100s’ of friends, you can either invite few or you can do that by software’s available for this purpose !

Let’s see how!