What Made Lilly Singh a  $2.5 Millionaire?

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh What Made Lilly Singh a  $2.5 Millionaire? It is quite fascinating to see this ‘Superwoman’ after the great renown and the symbol of unexceptional strength of Superman (ofcourse he is known since like ages). Surprised to know that there is a Superwoman existing in the real life? Say thanks to the YouTube contributing as the best video sharing and Vlogging platform in the world. It was an ordinary lady once to whom YouTube made a real life Superwoman earning a great fortune out of it. Now you must be eager to know the story behind all this. So its about an Indo-Canadian girl named as Lilly Singh who has got her YouTube channel by the name of Superwoman or ||Superwoman|| to be precise. Lets have a closer look at who is she and how she managed to have this success.

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What Made Olajide Olatunji so Popular?

Olajide Olatunji

Olajide OlatunjiOlajide Olatunji is known to be an  English comedian. Olajide Olatunji is a very popular YouTube figure as well as the rapper and actor. Olajide Olatunji is well known for his videos based on football, FIFA, his music as well as his comedy content. Olajide Olatunji started his career in 2011 by uploading his ‘Goal of the Week’ videos. In one of his game video, FIFA 14, Lionel Messi star featured on the cover of the game. His YouTube channel has reached over to 12 million subscribers. His YouTube channel became the second most watched channel in United Kingdom, with 8.892 subscribers. Olajide Olatunji’s little brother has become a YouTube figure like him and is commonly known as Comedy Shorts Gamer.

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How Youtube Made Kan And Aki Rich?

What made kan and aki rich

What made kan and aki richVlogging today has become an occupation for all. It is no more confined to any particular kind of stuff to make videos of and post it on any website. YouTube in regard with Vlogging is the most genuine and popular website and a lot of people are involved in this trait. Do you think that it would take any expertise, past experience or knowledge to get started with your Youtube channel? This is not the case now when you can find people of all ages making videos of their interests and posting it on their Youtube channels. What is much required is that the element of entertainment, information and appeal to the viewers must be there. There can be just one move that could get you to one of the leading channels on YouTube.

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How Much Money Has Lindsey Stirling Earned With YouTube?

Lindsey making money with youtubeIn the modern era, where the stage of social media is being ruled by the comedian and hard-core gaming review generators and the mushicians. One can only imagine how hard it can be to be famous for only their style of playing the music instrument. Consider YouTube, where most of the subscribed channels are of the lead pop singers and DJ’s, comedians and last but not the least of gamers who review on games. Lindsey Stirling, a YouTube sensation is a perfect example that fits the above mentioned description. She is an artist who never sings but loves to play with her violin. Few details about her rise to success and others are as followed!

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How Michelle Phan Earned from Youtube?

How michelle phan earned with youtube

How michelle phan earned with youtubeMichelle Phan, who originally is an Honorary Doctorate of Arts degree, has become a popular YouTube personality. Michelle, in fact, is considered the queen of YouTube. Recently, Michelle has travelled with the First Lady, Michelle Obama to help promote the program ‘let girls learn’. Isn’t this cool? But who is Michelle Phan and how all of a sudden, she became so POPULAR? Well, Michele is like a prettiness guru, who is best known for her makeup demos, who initially started on YouTube by uploading her first video back in May 2007. This video was called ‘natural looking makeup tutorial’ and was found to have 11 million views. But this wasn’t her biggest shot, she later uploaded the video called ‘Barbie transformation tutorial’. This was her biggest hit, and got viral within no time. It had 59 million views. WOW! This video turned Michelle into a Superstar.

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Spillit Review: Best Ask.fm alternative to Get Your Questions Answered!

Spillit Review Vs Ask.fm

Spillit review on why it is the best Ask.fm alternative and a better social network where you can get answers for all your questions.

Spillit Review Vs Ask.fm

Are you a fan of social networking and like interacting with new people? Websites like Facebook have long been used for this purpose. But perhaps the allure of such social networks has diminished as people look for newer ways of connecting to each other. If you like talking to new people and asking them about their lives, or answering questions about your own life, then you will very much like to check out Spillit, a brand new social network. In this Spillit review, we talk about the fun ways you can connect with each other and how it stands up to its alternatives and why we believe spillit is the best Ask.fm alternative.

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Tsu.co Introduced in Pakistan As A Money making Venture

Tsu.co Introduced in PakistanHave you heard of a new social media website named as Tsu.co? If yes then you must be aware of the spice and flavor it brings with its launch. And if it is still undiscovered by you then also you have come to the right place. The social media has grown really well in the first phase of its existence. Prevailing quite well in Pakistan, the Website is enjoying a rich number of users already.  There is a lot to know and get acknowledged with in this regard!

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Why Facbook Doesn’t Allow Posting of TSU.co Links?

Why Facbook Doesn’t Allow Posting of TSU.co LinksThere is always a margin of improvement when it comes to launching new technological or business ventures. The statement fits to the social media business market too. In fact, it has become the true picture of the real war between brand rivalries with a great number of platforms providing its users with best of the social media connecting tools and features.

Taking the honor of the top most social media network, with largest figure of members is hard to make accessible.

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5 Big Celebrities Who Unfortunately Treat Their Fan Pages as a Market Store

Big Celebrities Who Unfortunately Treat Their Fan Pages as a Market StoreSocial media has become one of the most powerful tools in order to connect, share and promote throughout the world. The trend of brand endorsement in celebrities is not a new one but it has changed its marketing strategies with social media like Facebook, twitter and instagram becoming strong gradually. Celebrities use their pages as a market to promote and advertise their brands and show loyalty to the brand owners. Five big celebrities have been listed out below that fit in to the list.

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10 Most Popular International Celebrities on Facebook

Top-10-Most-Popular-Celebs-On-FacebookFacebook is one of the most widely used social media platform. It has over 1.39 billion monthly active users. It is not just a social networking site to connect with friends but also a platform to engage with celebrities and influencers.

I wrote a list post about Twitter top 10 most followed international celebrities sometime back. And in this post, let’s have a look at the ten most popular celebrities on Facebook. 

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Why Politicians And Celebrities Use Twitter But Not Facebook Often?


Why-Politicians-And-Celebrities-Use-Twitter-not-facebookMany celebrities and politicians are often found more active on Twitter than Facebook. This made us curious to dig out the facts and find some reasons why celebs hate Facebook.

Yes, there are many VIPs active on Facebook but on comparison Twitter seems to be winning the race. Below are the four reasons why celebrities and politicians find Twitter more engaging than Facebook.

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