Which Countries Have the Most American Expats?

Which Countries Have the Most American ExpatsThere’s been a tremendous focus on immigration and migration in the UK of late, with Brexit having precipitated a change in laws for Brits both at home and overseas.

While there are a slew of British expats located across the globe, however, the number of Americans who reside overseas remains the source of significant doubt and controversy. Although some estimate the number to be in the region of nine million, for example, official figures believe that the figure is actually far closer to 5.1 million.

In this post, we’ll ask why so many Americans live abroad, while considering their preferred destinations across the globe.

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The Opportunities That COVID-19 Created

The Opportunities That COVID-19 CreatedLockdowns during recent months had a devastating effect on economies and businesses. Yet, during this turbulent time some industries and sectors have actually grown. While most businesses are hunkering down, a few are attracting new customers faster than ever before. Here is a look at the unique pockets of industry where COVID-19 had a tremendous positive impact.

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