Top 10 Bloggers Who Brought Revolutions in the Online World

Tim-Ferriss.jpgAlmost every living soul on earth dreams to be rich-and-popular-and-lazy, all the same time, but there are only a few who are able to achieve this. Blogging is surely one of the most impressive forms of making money online but there are some of the very talented and lucky bloggers who were able to change the entire strategy with the power of their blogging capabilities.

Have a look on the top 10 bloggers who brought revolutions in the online world!

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Why Blogging is Still Better than Tumblring in 2014

Why Blogging is Still Better than Tumblring in 2014If you are somehow or the other way affiliated with the online earning medium where you are making money by sharing content online, you might have witnessed a significant change in the trend where content sharers are found adopting new tools and platforms. As a part of the social media promoter, it is always a good deal to play around with new platforms but if you want to talk about the serious business here, let us tell you that though tumblr has given a huge hit to the blogsphere, blogging is still better than tumblring in many ways.

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5 Mistakes that Can Destroy Your Blog’s Reputation

Mistakes that Can Destroy Your Blog’s ReputationRunning a blog and earning your livings from your own created empire is certainly an interesting way to enjoy life all the way from your living room but like any other business, even this one is a sensitive trade as a single move can destroy your business in no time. It is to be remembered that in order to sustain this form of online business, you are required to play a real safe game by ensuring that you try to avoid the following 6mistakes that can destroyed your blog’s reputation

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Is Blogging a Profitable Business in 2014?

blogging a professional business in 2014It was only two years back when blogging was taken as the only profitable business and all one wanted to be was to become an entrepreneur. This was perhaps real but not permanent. With blogs been launched one after another, the internet sphere now seems to be an over-populated place with trillions of trash websites which are doing no good to the world(at least not ethically). Smart Earning Methods has had been a constant supporter of making money online by choosing blogging as a major career but with 2014, things seem to have taken a new turn!

Let us now discuss some reasons to question about the future of blogging in 2014!

Why Blogging is NOT a Perfect Online Business?

Blogging is NOT a Perfect Online BusinessBlogging is a great business to enjoy your livings all the way from your living room but what you need to know before actually investing your time, money and strength in this niche is the fact that there exists nothing which suits every individual on earth.When it comes to blogging. the rate of uncertainty in the business further increases. Despite of learning all the SEO skills, following all the guidelines given by professional bloggers, your blogging career can doom in a day or so, or even can cause you to doom in some ways.

We recently spread the word about why one should not turn into a freelancer and with the same theme of the context, we have some interesting facts you should know about why blogging is not a perfect online business for you.

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10 Major Differences between a Blog and Website

10 Major differences between a Blog and Website Difference between a blog and website is pretty confusing for most of the people out there. Some confuse the blog with website while others are clueless about both. In order to clear your views about blog and website, we are sharing our knowledge about the differences between a Blog and Website.

A blog and website are totally different in so many ways. You can’t think of them as one! A blog keeps you updated with the new and latest trends while a website keeps its users updated about a specific thing. To have a clear perspective of the two, check out the differences shared below.

Have a look!

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5 Useful Backlink Analysis Tools for better Website Ranking

5-backlink-analysis-toolsAs Google continually changes its algorithms in a bid to improve the search experience for its users, search rankings of websites often go up and down. Now Google claims that there are more than 200 factors that work together to determine how well your website will perform, but one of the biggest factors is your backlink profile, which helps determine your PR, which in turn determines your website’s crawl and index rate. So how can you improve your rank and crawl/index rate? By analysing your backlink profile of course! Here’s a list of the top 5 backlink analysis tools you can use to analyze your backlink profile, and take the necessary steps in order to improve and optimize it.

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5 Desktop Blogging Tools that will help you with your Blog writing

Desktop BLoggingIf you’ve been blogging or freelance writing for some time, you will know how busy a blogger’s life can get. From the frequent writing to the continual maintenance, the work just doesn’t seem to stop. You wished you had more time to do all the work in. But the real problem doesn’t lie within the excess of the work. It lies in the management of time which a lot of people lend very little care to. If you’re a regular blogger, and want to maximize your throughput by optimizing your time, then you might be interested in some desktop blogging tools that will help you with your blog writing by automating some processes, and/or help you manage your blogging work.

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How popular blogging is in United Kingdom?

popular blogs united kingdomThese days when the real-world earning opportunities are narrowing for the people like you and me, utilizing the online platform to earn up the livings is surely one of the most decent ways of making money. Just like any other country, blogging has emerged out to be as one of the most popular earning strategies for the British citizens who are enjoying great revenues with the method mentioned.

If you are an UK resident and looking forward to start your own blog, you surely need some motivation and living examples of your locality so that following their examples, you can learn a great deal in terms of niche selection and revenue generating techniques.

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Best List of Celebrity blogs from India

ajay dvganOnce you pick acting as your career, you need to make sure that you are socially available to your fans who want to know all about you. Thanks to social media, the news and updates about every celebrity is widely available on sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, it has been seen that there are celebrities who love sharing their lives with their fans by updating them through their self-run blogs and websites.

What people often misjudge about blogging is that they find handling of blogs as a technical thing; however, creating a blog and updating it are two different things. If you are a Bollywood fan and loves to follow your favorite celebrities, here are few of the blogs that are owned by the Indian celebrities and are frequently updated. These blogs are been used as a platform to interact with the followers and share all what celebrities want their fans to know.

6 Important to-do Things before posting an Article on Blog!

to-do before posting article blogReal bloggers are busy people. With an online earning business to look after and to keep providing the reasons to the readers to follow the blog, they are surely one of the most dedicated workers who have to look after their business all by themselves. If you are a blogger and want to make blogging as your primary career, then you really need to understand certain principles of this domain. Creating a blog, choosing a template and getting a hosting domain are obviously the first few basic steps but it is important to make it clear that no matter how beautiful your blog is, you still have a long way to earn some dollars.

What we will be briefing you on today is about the fact that once you are done with choosing a topic for your post and writing it effectively, it is now time to show your technical skills, which you should have as a sole owner of your business. What newbie bloggers often forget to take care of are the pre-publishing steps that are really essential to make your post something that readers want to see. Here are 6 important things you need to do (and if you do, then you must check them at least) before posting your article on your blog.

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Should Freelancers do blogging to get Clients?

freelancing vs bloggingIf you are in a journey of searching and attracting clients then all you need to do is to show your presence, that is, your existence in this online world. Pictures and designs with little description speak thousand words for you. How about starting a blog and promoting your work there? It is certainly a good idea.

Hold on! It’s not that easy as it sounds like, though writing on what you do is not an issue, the big problem is you run out of words after couple of weeks and either you skip updating or end up in frustration of writing many blogs and finally shoot! You abandon them.

This article is going to tell you what strategies can get you clients and what steps could drown you in frustrations read carefully may be you can attract a potential client.

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