Top 5 Alternatives to BuySellAds

buysellads logoGone are the days when the blog used to be nothing more than a personal journal, a way for many internet users to voice their opinions and share their thoughts. Today, blogs are one of the biggest money earning sources for hundreds of thousands of people online. Blogs are a great way of earning money online and some people are earning millions of dollars through blogging!

As blogging evolved, bloggers started looking for advertisers to put ads on their pages. This was a tedious task since it was hard to find someone willing to advertise on your blog. Hence, various Banner Advertising companies came into being to help bloggers and also to earn some money. Once such company is BuySellAds.

What is BuySellAds?

For those of you who don’t know about BuySellAds, it’s one of the top advertising network for people interested in buying or selling advertisements. It has over 2,900 advertisers and provides a good opportunity for bloggers to earn by placing banner ads on their blogs. It works like this. Advertisers wanting to sell their products or services search for blogs that have banner space available. They then make a payment to BSA (BuySellAds) and hence buy an ad slot. Then blog they chose to advertise on gets the payment, minus a commission that goes to BSA (25% of your ad sales).

Why would you consider alternatives?

Why indeed? It looks like a comprehensive package for your advertising business. But the thing is, BSA are very strict about the blogs that can sign up for selling their ad space. They have a list of requirements that need to be fulfilled. And some fellow bloggers have reported that they get rejected even when all the requirements are met. Hence BSA are very choosy about the blogs they accept into their network. Plus, they deduct 25% from your ad sales. In that regard, there are other better networks that allow you to keep more of your earnings.

Some alternatives to BuySellAds

1.  OIOpublisher

OIOpublisher is a great advertising network and perhaps the best alternative to BSA. It works different from other networks. OIOpublisher provides a plugin that can be installed on your site. The plugin has to be purchased at $47. But its a one-time investment only! If you look at the features, you will find its worth the money!

  • The plug-in gives you complete control over the advertisement sales on your website.  Can be installed as a WordPress plugin or as a standalone platform.
  • NO commissions! Keep 100% of your earnings from ad sales!
  • In-built affiliate program!
  • Gain access to their exclusive Marketplace from where you can get more advertisers
  • You can run any other ad network along with OIOpublisher
  • Flexibility – All sorts of ads (text, banners etc). It won’t show empty spaces. Will display your own ads until those slots are purchased
  • Saves your time! – Simple one-click installation. All ad purchases and expirations handled automatically.
  • Good customer support – Prompt replies. They can be accessed through any social media website. They also offer tutorials and other support

 2.  AdvertiseSpace

Advertise Space homepage mage

AdvertiseSpace is also one of the best alternative to BSA (BuySellAds). It offers many features, some similar to BSA.

  • They deduct 20 – 30% commission from your sales
  • They allow sub-domain blogs (like or etc)
  • They pay out weekly thorough PayPal
  • In-built affiliate program – Even if you don’t make ad sales, you can still earn if someone signs up to AdvertiseSpace by clicking on your banner. Referral rate is 5 – 10%

3.  BlogAds

BlogAds image

BlogAds is one old hag! They have been around for a long time, maybe even before BSA. And so their quality has improved a lot over the years. They also work similar to BSA and offer similar incentives

  • They deduct 30% commission from your sales.
  • Offer membership on three levels; Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, according to the amount of traffic you have
  • Fixed ad slot price per month.
  • Allow all sort of ads like OIOpublisher, including text ads

4.  AdSella

Adsella Image

AdSella have entered the arena recently and have made a name for themselves in a quick span of time. They have gathered a lot of advertisers and publishers and pose some competition to the big guys

  • One of the Fastest growing ad network
  • Deduct a commission of 20%. Lower than most others (excluding OIOpublisher).
  • Unlike BlogAds, you can fix ad slot prices for as long as you want
  • Like AdvertiseSpace, AdSella also support sub-domain blogs

5.  AdEngage

AdEngage image

AdEngage is part of the Technorati Media Group, which means you can rely on it. It also has a great amount of advertisers and publishers.

  • Cost Per Time basis – Ads are sold on a daily, weekly or monthly basis according to the advertisers’ needs. This method is similar to how BSA works.
  • Cost Per Click basis – You earn money depending how many clicks you get on your ads. This is similar to how Google AdSense works. Hence, AdEngage is flexible in a way since it offers both models of advertising simultaneously.
  • 25% commission from your sales goes to AdEngage
  • Reliable services
  • Provide good support to users

That concludes out list of top alternatives to BuySellAds you can try. If you have a better suggestion, then please leave a comment below. We are looking forward to your feedback

31 thoughts on “Top 5 Alternatives to BuySellAds”

  1. Nice collection. Though i believe BSA seems more comprehensive. People are often excited to get approved with the least traffic on their blogs. Even if they are into the program, who would bring them the advertisers?

    Its just like Google AdSense. People get crazy and wish to get ‘approved’. Then they have to sit back for a whole long year to make their first 5$ :). Traffic is smoney. Why not to make Traffic first and then enjoy the fruit forever!

    Nice going dude. 🙂

  2. Yes exactly!. As i mentioned in one of my posts, trying to put up ads from early on can harm your traffic. Most new bloggers who came into the field just to earn some quick cash try to go with that strategy. And hence they lose their credibility

  3. thanx for this post kasim,
    But i want to know that is there any network for low traffic blogs?
    I had applied in advertise space a month ago but no response from them,i know the reason is just the low traffic on blog.
    can you suggest me any network?

  4. i have a wallpaper blog with low traffic almost 100-250 pageviews perday… what will be the best advertiser for such a blog..i dont want to invest any bucks for advertising….and what amount can i make from such blog per month…reply me….thanks in advance and for such a beautiful post.

  5. Nice,
    I used buysellads on the past for advertising but it look very expensive and without any good ROI. I think is better to advertise cheap on multiple websites than in one website with huge pageviews.

  6. Thanks buddy… I was looking for some buysellads alternative, so i found this blog by googling.. I think yo forget to write about, its also a great alternative for small sites.

  7. I recommend you try AddyON !
    AddyON is a powerful Self-Service platform for Buying and Selling on line Ads.
    Developed to satisfy the needs of buyers and sellers, it links Publishers and Advertisers worldwide.

  8. Hi..Nice article. I have queiston for you about Alexa rank and Est Impression BSAI browse BSA publisher and i got details some site with Alexa rank more bigger than other but the Est Impression BSA more biggerExample :Site A. Alexa 70,000. Est Impressions BSA 250,000Site B. Alexa 30,000. Est Impressions BSA (only) 120,000How could like that? Can you explain more details about this?Thankyou

    • Dear! I think you are bit confused between alexa rank and number of impressions of ads. If I am wrong, please excuse me. Let me clarify you. You have a site with lots of visitors. Then the number of impressions are also in good numbers right? But if you have not worked on alexa, then your ranking may be lower. A site with 4000 alexa gets 300000 uniques daily for one of the blogs. If you are referring to this, hope it was clear!

  9. Great list bro! This is what I am searching for. Glad to get it here. I will work out on advertisespace and adsella. Thanks for the share!

  10. I can say from experience that advertise space is hands down the worst advertising network on the web. i have used several of the others recommended, and they have all worked perfectly. But AdvertiseSpace is a sham of a company hosted on GoDaddy on a blacklisted ip shared server, the company does not respond to e-mails, nor open tickets, we signed up for an account with them about 5 days ago. the activation e-mail never sent, so we opened a ticket and e-mailed, NO REPLY to either. then we changed the e-mail address thinking the e-mail was filtered out. WRONG, we tried yahoo mail, g-mail, hotmail, y-mail, live mail, and several different pop 3 accounts. still no activation e-mail. days go by, we send e-mails every day, add comments to the tickets every day, still not reply’s. what a joke, Advertise space is run off a software called buysellads clone from efrahm inc that they bought for $99 and paid to have a template made for. AD BUYERS AND SELLERS BEWARE. do not spend your money or list your ad inventory with AdvertiseSpace dot com !!!!!!!!!

  11. nice collection, but having one querry.
    that did you listed them from better to best??? or best to better??
    I mean I want to try out the best alternative for buysell ads, so going for OIO publisher

  12. Assalam o alaikum
    bro can I get approval for blog of theabove mentioned networks with good traffic

    Please reply me and email me asif8442@gmail.c

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