Why Buying Backlinks is a Poor SEO Strategy?

do not buy backlinks for seoMoney has its own charm, the strongest indeed, and when it comes to making money online through a blog, you can expect anything by the publishers. We have been discussing the significance of backlinks in a blogging career, highlighting how beneficial these external links are for the blog in terms of Google search, as well as earnings. These days when every step has two ways, most of the desperate money makers choose the wrong one to get a quicker success, forgetting how temporary it might be. Realizing the importance of bait links from other sites, many bloggers buy them online, assuming that spending a little money would bring them an ultimate success. However, If you are smart enough to investigate about it before making a deal, You are at the right place. Learning from the stories of Professional bloggers and analyzing the strategies of Google, We recommend you not to buy links ever for your blog; else you will land up in a serious problem.

How important the Backlinks are?

Backlinks are significantly important for the publishers as they bring back a lot of chances to be noticed by new readers to their blog. Knowing this pretty well, Google seems a little too sensitive about the strategy you use to get the backlinks. For Google the links are more like the votes that help your blog to win the elections and improve your rankings in Google Search.

Why Not to Buy the Backlinks?

The best part about the online earning business, especially blogging is that you earn what you deserve. Moreover, thanks to Google, there are mechanisms, keeping an eye on your each and every move, ensuring nothing goes out of the rope, that is, whatever is been done to improve blog’s ratings and revenue is genuine and legal.

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What few bloggers do not realize is that Google actually carry more weight for the links that are coming from trusted sources rather than those that are for the time being or seems faulty. Once Google gets a hold of the collars of those bloggers who buy the backlinks in the hope of giving a boost to their earnings, Google severely penalize the site, believing this to be an attempt of election rigging, as stated above.

There are all chances that you might have heard the success stories from your fellow bloggers who might have facilitated themselves by buying these links from the sources that are making money by providing backlinks to the blogs, you need to understand that though he survived luckily, you have all the chance to make your business go down just because of ‘trying out’ what might have worked for someone incidentally. In short, by going for the illegal and unethical motives you are actually risking your money that you invest in buying them, without even knowing whether it would work out for you or not. A part from this practical approach, there is always a threat of been caught, which is itself a disaster.

How Google Gets to Know that the links are bought?

Silly Question, Isn’t it? What can we hide from Google these days! People often misjudge the capabilities of Google and try playing with it and suffers at the end. Google is wise enough to notice the links you get from different sites, linking both the niches and the relevancy of the links. For example, if you are an owner of a technology blog, a link coming from a fashion design website might give an alarm to the Google Spam Team which is paid to catch indecent motives been achieved decently.If you search about from where to get the backlinks in return of some money, you would see thousands of such sites. It is interesting to know that these sites are highly penalized and are ranked extremely low in alexa and google ratings.

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Interesting is that you can even get into the good books of Google by reporting sites that offer such services. Take it the other way, there are thousands of potential detectives you might come across who might report either you, or the site you have bought the links from, bringing both of you in trouble!

How to Get Back Links then?

We admit that getting the bait links for the blog is an essential move that every blogger seeks to take; it is much healthier for your business if you follow the designed path for it.

Try to get your hands on the topics that you might like to be found for. It is always a good practice to keep you updated with the top sites and their sharing. If your primary concern is to get links, then pay more time on the secondary stuff, that is, provide the best reasons to people to link to you.

You can always earn name, respect, audience and followership by creating infographics or by guest blogging.

Life is all about trying, business is a small thing. Do not hesitate in taking the long path because by the end of the day, it is the one that takes you to the right destination.

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  1. Back links are important part in seo but those back links are created manually are not that is important.Buying back links is similar to black hat seo.

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