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Buy and Sell your services at Comcero Money making with online marketplace has become quite a lot easier with the advent of great marketplaces such as Twentyville, Goodsie, Comcero and lots more. With these places around you, you can easily buy and sell services as per your convenience. You can make as much money as you want just by posting your job and selecting the right customers.

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What is Comcero?

Comcero is an independent new local marketplace for buying and selling services online. It genuinely encourages transparent and ethical business. Comcero is a straightforward and simple platform which is free for all. It has the best people and services from all over the world, ready to help you.

How to start off with Comcero?



To start off with Comcero, you will have to register with Comcero. Add your information such as company/personal profile, associated memberships and certifications achieved. You get to choose which job to do and how much to offer. Everything is in your hand. You post a job and pictures along with your post. The professionals registered on Comcero will have a look at the post and decide whether to opt for it or not. This is one of the coolest and easiest ways of making money and getting your job done.

Once you complete your job, your customers can then post a review about your services and work which will surely redeem your performance and publicize your work thereby bringing you more customers.

Why Comcero?

Comcero is completely free and a single place where consumers, business and trades people can easily find, compare and select what type of work do they want and from where. It covers a variety of services from lifestyle, accountants, architects, solicitors, handy work, electricians and advertising agencies. There are approximately 500 services to choose from.

It is compatible with everything, manages your contacts, messages, provides you an audit trial of your activity and offers SMS alert service on the go. It is a complete buy and sell place which offers you all what you need. You can receive leads, get new work each day and manage all your jobs.

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