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quikrOnline shopping has made the life easier where the buyers can choose the best options virtually and the sellers, at the same time, gets a deal of his wish. Although there still exists the market where the buyers and the sellers keep on wasting their time in finding the perfect deal for their property or belongings, Most of the people are now shifting towards the online shopping mechanism. Before we talk about Quikr, let us tell you clear here that do not mix the online shopping sites like eBay or Amazon with OLX or Quikr as Like OLX, Quikr also provides a medium to sell the goods and get one that suits the buyer the most. Amazon and Ebay deal with the buyer directly, making arrangements for shipping and charging some extra bucks for the delivery. Where as OLX and quikr just act as a platform to let the buyers and the sellers interact with each other. If you watch Television frequently, you must have come across quikr by now, let us see what makes it so popular, in detail!

What is

Just like OLX, Quikr is functional as an online classifieds company that is is situated in India. Been launched on July 12th, 2008, the company is currently present in 90 cities  of India. It acts as a platform where the sellers can publish their Ads and the interested buyers can then bid for them Quikr enjoys a good reputation in the world and is among the top 500 sites of the world and enjoys a good traffic within India with a ranking in 30’s.

What makes special?

Project becomes a success if the idea behind it is carefully planned. According to the team of Quikr, the motive to come up with such an online project was the fact that the process of buying and selling in the physical world is now becoming a hassle due to the busy lives and tight schedules. Moreover, people are now losing their tolerance level and often land up quarrelling in the market. In order to facilitate the people of the country, the team started a small project where the locals from a community can meet, trade and help each other by sharing a same platform. In short, it works like a shop that has everything in it. We will see what categories it deals with in the next part of the post.


Unlike other online classifieds company, quikr offers an easy user interface where the users find it easier to interact with the site, as well as the potential dealers. The customized settings are powerful enough, not to make you regret to invest your time while searching for your requirements.

Categories that Deals in.. offers a variety of products that attracts the buyers and the sellers, both. The major categories that comes up with a good business are real Estates (where the property is available for buying, selling and renting), Mobiles, cars, services, jobs, entertainments, electronics, etc.

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