How to buy and sell services at Payloadz?

How to buy and sell services at Payloadz Working with buy and sell websites is not at all easy. There is so much to do with so less to get in return. Therefore, we are sharing another exclusive website, Payloadz, to help you enhance your e-commerce services. With the advent of Payloadz, things changed rapidly. Now buying and selling has become quite convenient and easily usable for all. The payment methods, uploading and downloading of content and search of products has become a lot easier.

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What is Payloadz?

Payloadz is the best place for digital goods since it offers great e-commerce services for those people who sell downloadable goods online. It came into existence in 2002 and since then it has been facilitating all the buyers and sellers of digital goods.


What does Payloadz offer?

Payloadz is a very reputed marketplace which allows you to sell your downloadable goods such as music, e-books, movies, software, manuals, digital art, certificates, forms, files and loads more. It offers you a free account and allows you to sell your products anywhere. It supports eBay auctions and provides file storage and automated delivery. It has bulk product import, covers almost all the countries, allow you to increase your sales with their services. It provides several payment modes.

How does Payloadz work?

Payloadz is very simple and easy to work with. It makes sure its users get an easy access to all products and facilities. Before you begin selling products, you will have to sign up. Signing up with Payloadz is totally free. Once you make up your account, you will have to upload your product here. It provides a trouble-free way to put your products.

Sign up with Payloadz

Once you upload your product, you have the option to add your product to personal website or to the Payloadz store. This store offers products of all categories from across the world just by a single click. It is a well-organized and easy to navigate website. It is extremely easy for the customers to locate the products of their choice.

When you have located the product to purchase, you just have to click on the buy and download button. You will be directed to the payments page. You will have the option to either use a PayPal account or use your debit or credit card. The customers will then be notified about the products they can download.

This is all for now from Payloadz. Hope it helps 🙂

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