Brazil’s Biggest Defeat By Germany in FIFA History – SEVEN to ONE!

Brazil’s Biggest Defeat By Germany in FIFA HistoryThe most historic match in the history of Football has landed up the host of FIFA World Cup 2014 in a real awkward position where Brazil has earned its biggest Defeat by Germany with just ONE on Scoreboard against SEVEN magnificently clear goals made by Germany!

Fighting for the Finals, Brazil took on Germany for a shot and has turned out to be a BIG shock for the world with its unexpected worst performance ever seen. The 90 minutes of the entire match has had been crucial for not only the audience present in the stadium but for all those FIFA lovers behind their screens who have failed to take such a victory of Germany against Brazil.

Germany Defeats Brazil with 5-0 in 28 Minutes

Germany has set a new record in the history of FIFA by making five back to back goals before the first Half-time, to be accurate in 28 minutes only. Germany opened its account with its first goal at the 11th minute declaring Thomas Muller as the opener.

Miroslav Klose soon added the second in the scoreboard at 23rd Minute, taking the audience with surprise. The home Audience lost its hope to see Brazil winning the match with the third goal made by Germany just after a minute of the previous goal where Toni Kroos showed one of his best performances, making the victory most evident.


The game today has certainly made Toni Kroos as a prominent figure in the FIFA world as he stroke the fourth goal for Germany just in the next two minutes, that is, 26th minute of the match. It came as mere surprise when Germany made its Fifth Goal in just 28th minute of the match declaring itself as an unrevealed Winner of the Match.

Klose Breaks all records

Germany continued with the pace it set before the half-time and made two more goals in just after a few minutes the second half started. It seemed more like watching an already winner team playing for no reason.

Brazil Biggest Loss from Germany

The only goal made by Brazilians after striving till 90 minutes, however, went all neglected by the supporting audience. The crowed was overwhelmed with Germany’s flawless performance which was all backed well with consistency.

What Made Brazil Lose the Match

Germany defeats Brazil

It is yet difficult to absorb that Brazil just had it, Analysts did predict a miserable experience coming all the way for the team. It was now that Brazil was without its injured striker Neymar, who suffered a fractured vertebra in his lower back on Friday during its quarterfinal clash against Colombia.

Tom Doyle

The Team also received its other blow as the captain of the team, Thiago Silva, is now also missing, as was sidelined due to suspension.


  1. Germany has set a new record by scoring five goals in the first 29 minutes which is now the fastest any team has scored five goals in any game in World Cup history.
    Note that it was Yugoslavia previously, vs. Zaire in 1974 with 30 minutes on credit.
  2. Germany’s Miroslav Klose is now the highest goal scorer in World Cup history.
  3. Klose now has 16 World Cup goals in his career, breaking a tie with Brazil’s Ronaldo (15).
  4. Germany is the first team to score SEVEN goals in a World Cup 1st half since Poland in 1974.
  5. This is the fourth time in WC history Germany has taken a 7-0 lead in a WC match.
    Previously, it was Switzerland in 1966, Mexico in 1978 and Saudi Arabia in 2002. Those previous three matches were all in the group stage.
  6. Brazil had never trailed by 4 goals in any World Cup match before today. (102 previous matches)
  7. Brazil has entered today undefeated in 62-straight competitive home games since 1975 (43-0-19).
  8. The last time Brazil lost a World Cup match in Brazil was the 1950 Final, a 2-1 loss to Uruguay that prompted a change in Brazil’s kit to its familiar canary yellow.


For Football Freaks, watching Germany and Brazil sharing the same ground is always the best of all. To quote, it is interesting to find that Brazil played with Germany only one other time at the World Cup, winning 2-0 in the 2002 final in Yokohama, Japan and this time Germany has given it back even worse.


Defeating Brazil with its BIGGEST Loss, Germany will now play either Argentina or the Netherlands in the championship game at Rio’s Maracana Stadium. Argentina will take on the Netherlands on Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET.

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Congratulations Germany!