15 Brands that Disappeared in 2012!

host twinkies Every product that is launched, has to reach its end, sooner or later. 2012  turned out to be a successful year in terms of economical conditions globally where we saw many new brands launching. However, it is important to pay a farewell to those brands that are finally off from the market. Have a look!


Launched: 1930

Ended: November 2012

Domain: snack cake

host twinkies

“Golden Sponge Cake with Creamy filling” was the delicious most invention ever made and that is made by Twinkie. Later people shifted to healthier foods and millions of packages down every year there by they seek permission by U.S. Bankruptcy Court to close its business and sell its assets, facilities and iconic brands.


Launched: 1889

Ended: February 2012

Domain/Industry: Digital Imaging photography


It is best known for photographic film products later transitioning into digital photography, digital printing, it is known worldwide. Decline in sales of photographic films and increase in popularity of digital printing gave them an idea to cease making digital cameras, digital frames and pocket video camera and focus on the corporate digital imaging market. It closed to bankruptcy even after selling commercial scanners and photographic films in effort to emerge from bankruptcy.


Launched: 2003

Ended: 2011

Domain: Social networking

From 2005 till 2008 it was the most visited social networking site and in 2011 Justin Timberlake and specific media group jointly purchased the company for approximately $35 million. It shuts down due to continue loss of membership due to increase traffic to facebook. It also does not bring innovations, heavily filled with advertisements thus making the site slow.


Launched: 1937

Ended: June 2011

Domain: Aerospace and defense

In 2011 British aerospace company sold its stake holders thereby bringing its 16 year involvements to end and invest into Saab AB operations. It shuts down due to bankruptcy where as AB operation remains that join hands with Simrad Optronics to develop high tech optronics.

5)The Daily

Launched: 2011

Ended: 2012

Domain: news app

the daily

It owns iPad only news but it is not installed by many users there by it is ceased in December.

6) New Jersey Nets

Launched: 1977

Ended: 2012

Domain: Basketball team

The Broolyn Nets moved to New Jersey in 1977 and were known as New Jersey Nets; there they played 35 seasons with several periods of success and little misfortune intermittent. The team returned to the state of New York and is again termed as Brooklyn Nets.


Launched: 1996

Ended: 2012

Domain: Global News information

msnbc.com 2

Microsoft Solidify (MS) pulled out its share and end the affiliation with NBC in July thereby leaving MSNBC to NBC. The famous host Olbarman hosted his final show in 2011.

8)38 studios

Launched: 2006

Ended: 2012

Domain: Computer and Video games

38 studios

38 Studios were initially known as Green Monster Games. In 2010 Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation landed them $75 million loan but they become concerned after the company missed a scheduled payment, they were reported to make the missed loan payment with a $1.12M check. Later FBI launches the investigations over Rhode Island who filled lawsuit in November and it was bankrupt.

9)SmartMoney magazine

Launched: 1992

Ended: 2012

Domain/industry: Dow Jones and Company

smart money magazine

It publishes regular ideas for saving, investing, cover technology, fashion and many more. In June 2012 Dow and Jones announced that it will be going all digitals so it stopped printing and last edition was made in August 2012.

10)Planet Green

Launched: 1996

Ended: 2012

Domain: Discovery Travel and living, Discovery Homes & Leisure

planet green

It consists of ecologically themed show that is built around celebrities, who gave green tips. It mainly focuses on green living and later disappeared in 2012 because it renamed to Destination America in 2012.

11)Liz Claiborne

Launched: 1976

Ended: 2012

Domain: Fashion

liz cliborne

It was founded in New York City that market and designed variety of men’s and women’s accessories, apparels and fragrant products. It disappeared not because it is abolish but because it is renamed to Fifth & Pacific Companies Inc.

12)Betsey Johnson retail stores

Launched: 1982

Ended: 2012

Domain: retail stores

betsey johnson

No one rescued the struggling Betsey Johnson LLC and ditched at the last auction, causing 69 designer stores to shut down in US, UK and Canada. The company got bankrupt, it spending slowdown and couldn’t regain its footing even after the new merchandising strategy.

13)Fashion Bug


Ended: will be ending in 2013

Domain: Fashion

fashion bug

It is a women’s apparel and accessories chain and a Sri Lanka’s number one fashion store with a long history in the region. It is going to disappear soon by next year. They have 600 stores in 45 states but have been going in disaster for years because it can never do the volume to justify the size of their stores. Charming shops failed in an attempt to protect Fashion Bug by acquiring other retail chains.

14)Bazooka Joe

Launched: 1954

Ended: 2012

Domain: comic strip


It is just transforming from wax paper packaged with Bazooka Bubble to brain teasers.


Launched: 1985

Ended: April 2011

Domain/industry: Home Entertainment


It closed its thousand stores and additional 182 stores by April 2011 and auctioned for $233 million, in attempt to emerge from humiliating bankruptcy. 2011 was a chance to reverse the complacency but instead they launched PR campaign pronouncing how wonderful it was instead of convincing customers that it could be better. It has hundredths of stores in US and few in 17 countries worldwide.

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