Why Blogging is Still Better than Tumblring in 2014

Why Blogging is Still Better than Tumblring in 2014If you are somehow or the other way affiliated with the online earning medium where you are making money by sharing content online, you might have witnessed a significant change in the trend where content sharers are found adopting new tools and platforms. As a part of the social media promoter, it is always a good deal to play around with new platforms but if you want to talk about the serious business here, let us tell you that though tumblr has given a huge hit to the blogsphere, blogging is still better than tumblring in many ways.

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Still Authentic-Still Trendy!

Let us call it a typical mind-set or the lack of awareness, majority of the online population refers to go with a trendy blog rather than something as casual as a Tumblr page. Though there is a little group of hi-tech innovators who are found going with the new idea of tumbling where they enjoy the ease of creating a tumblr page for themselves with a go, the big businesses are still all limited to either a professional website or a serious blog.

Foundation for All Social Media moves!

Blogging is no way beatable in at least the coming 3 years keeping all the Google policies as constant because it is now only that people are able to understand the idea of blogging and find it as an interesting business to start their careers with. As a blogger, you have a privilege to mold your social media exaggeration as per the requirements of your business and all it takes is a relevant plug-in.  With a blog, you actually have your hands full on social media-completely!

The bliss of Organic Search Traffic!

The hero of all search engines so far, the very own Google is bias at times especially when it comes to generating the organic search traffic.  With tumblring, you have to be a little too much precautious about small things as the search engine can seriously penalize you for your unprofessional and unethical moves by not directing any potential traffic but this is certainly a different story when it comes to a blog which is doing ethically good but fails to meet some professionalism occasionally.

Google AdSense and the Money

Just like the point above, even Google AdSense can be a real mocking suppresser in terms of earning money with tumblr. Although you can always apply for an AdSense account for tumblr, the outcomes are really not what we can expect with a professional blog on blogger on wordpress.

So these were some quick points on why blogging is still managing to have an upper hand on other forms of content sharing platforms and to be honest, blogging seems to have a secure future for at least the upcoming 5 years in the online world.

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