Is Blogging a Profitable Business in 2014?

blogging a professional business in 2014It was only two years back when blogging was taken as the only profitable business and all one wanted to be was to become an entrepreneur. This was perhaps real but not permanent. With blogs been launched one after another, the internet sphere now seems to be an over-populated place with trillions of trash websites which are doing no good to the world(at least not ethically). Smart Earning Methods has had been a constant supporter of making money online by choosing blogging as a major career but with 2014, things seem to have taken a new turn!

Let us now discuss some reasons to question about the future of blogging in 2014!

Google Humming Bird- A lock in between success

Google has had been curious about the future of blogging and the money generated through content sharing. Limiting its scope to ensure quality, Google released its new strategy to evaluate the live blogs for their content, vision, audience and affiliated marketing. Many blogs lost their page ranks and rankings in no time by the mid of 2013, still reasons unknown. It is now that blogging seems a real tough business where a potential blogger is required to reconsider his decision after reading all about the new strategies launched by Google.

Alternative of blogging-Catchy enough!

Not every one of us has patience enough to wait and wait for the paybacks. Blogging requires more than one can imagine even, especially in the initial six months. People are now finding its alternatives fruitful enough to play with. For instance, you can go for fiverr, freelancing, and stuff like that which brings instant cash in return of measured input. It is overall a safe play with a fair deal.

Heavy Competition in the market

There are people who have specialized skills in SEO and blogging thick and thins but one of the major barriers in their success is the already build high competition in the blogsphere. Planning to start a blog on Social media? We have Mashable for it. Thinking to start a tech-based blog? How would you compete with techcrunch and techradar? In short, every blog has its bigger-and-better blog available.

Therefore,the answer to the question that whether blogging a profitable business in 2014 is, partially yes, and partially a no! If you are smart enough to deal with small technicalities attached with the blogging career, you can still make it someway for now.

Wish you a good luck in whatever career you choose for yourself.

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