Why Blogging is NOT a Perfect Online Business?

Blogging is NOT a Perfect Online BusinessBlogging is a great business to enjoy your livings all the way from your living room but what you need to know before actually investing your time, money and strength in this niche is the fact that there exists nothing which suits every individual on earth.When it comes to blogging. the rate of uncertainty in the business further increases. Despite of learning all the SEO skills, following all the guidelines given by professional bloggers, your blogging career can doom in a day or so, or even can cause you to doom in some ways.

We recently spread the word about why one should not turn into a freelancer and with the same theme of the context, we have some interesting facts you should know about why blogging is not a perfect online business for you.

1) Slow earning mechanism

Say you have just graduated from your university or high school and its now time to pay off your family by cashing your talent and proving yourself to them. This is the time when you find eyes of your world been placed on your potentials and if it is now that you will pick blogging as your career, you will surely disappoint people a great deal. Blogging is slow process of establishing yourself in the global online market which may take from 3 months to 3 good years in getting you earn something . If you have a whole family depending on you, blogging is surely not your career. Think!

2) Demands the hell out of you

What comes into your mind when the word ‘blogging’ strikes in your head? It is really not what you assume it to be in the first place, make it clear. Blogging is not just writing an article and posting it on your blogger or wordpress blog, it is actually a whole business which you need to manage as an empire you are planning to create. From the social media plug-ins to the latest tools embedded in your wordpress, blogging demands your intelligence, presence, devotion and in short, every bit of you. If you are really not good woth multi-tasking and do not have a sound knowledge about the basic principles of technical side, you are simply wasting your time in a hope which would hardly bring you any good. Might sound harsh, but yes, it is true.

3) A business with no stability at all

Now this is not only true with blogging but goes well with all the other businesses too. There is no certainty, no promises, no consistency in the way of succeeding anymore. A business which is succeeding today might doom tonight only, probably because of the increasing risks that are a part of every business. The important thing to remember here is that blogging is no way different. As a blogger, all your traffic depends on Google search engines and any change in the strategies of Google can cause your earnings to decrease as much as 100% in worst cases. Incase you have heard about Google’s humming bird, nearly 80% of the blogs are now down in the ranking and traffic both. Therefore, if you do not know what to do when your business becomes a victim of downfall, better do not turn into a businessman at all and enjoy a safe employed life in real world.

4) Have to sleep with eyes open!

We are not talking about the enemies who might possibly attack when you are not ready, here, the phrase actually means that blogging is all about what the potential audience want to know about. The word ‘Audience’ covers an entire traffic which uses internet for searching, surfing and earning. It is not possible to provide your potential readers about the latest happenings in your chosen domain if you are not always ready to see the latest moves taken in your niche. This means you have a great deal to look for so that you can then provide the fresh news to your audience to keep your business going. And this, is really difficult if you are not a man who is ready to work 24/7 a day.

Therefore, it is better to find the real you and plan up your responsibilities before you say yes to the blogging world which seems like a shining star from the distance a newbie sees it.

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  1. Zeeshan Shaukat
    What are you saying ? Pal only 15 hours a week . I think you have a magic wand to do so . Can you share the trick with us ?
    I totally agree with your thoughts ,

    • Yes Haroon maximum 15 hours reason is that i have no more time as i mention i am a student of BSIT(Final Year) Maximum of my time is spending on my Final project. Let Me Clear I have no magic wand as such. i actually cash my social links as well as my uni repo, little bit effort on seo and have luck as well. Thats all 🙂

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