Top 10 Black owned Companies in the World

Black owned companiesThere was a time in the history of mankind when superiority was given on the basis of color and race and not for the talent and potential of an individual. The world slowly progressed and the ideologies changed drastically. Whether it be Will smith or Opera Winfrey, they are known throughout the world for their great work which they have rendered in their respective fields and here we have a rich list to share with you all where we will discuss about the top 10 Black owned companies in the world.

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1) World Wide Technology Inc.

Founder: David L. Steward

Founded: 1990

World Wide Technology Inc.

The demand for the Mary Heights, Mo., firm’s consulting services and technology product has been suddenly increased that results into increase in its revenue from 42 percent to $32 billion. The company basically provides solution with focus on commercial and telecom sector. The company has several major purchasing contracts with SEWP and ITESH-2H, distributing and integrating throughout the world.

2)CAMAC International Corp.

Founder: Kase Lukman Lawal


Founded: 2005

CAMAC International Corp.

They are the pioneers in the extraction, exploration of properties and production of crude oil in the West Africa. It has annual revenue of about $1.5 billion to investigate oil properties. The Nigerian born CEO of CAMAC has a B.S in Chemical engineering and an MBA who worked as a chemical engineer prior to starting CAMAC in Houston, which is the first independent company to become a licensed operator and did major explorations in offshore West Africa.

3)Bridgewater Interiors LLC

Founder: Join venture between Detroit- based Epsilon Technology, LLC and Johnson Controls, Inc.

Founded: 1998

Bridgewater Interiors LLC..

Solution to all automatic problems lies here. The Minority Business Enterprise is a leading automotive seating, electronic supplier and interior who provide highest quality manufacturing and assembly of seating automotive seating system. It is certified by the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council and is the leading supplier in automotive industry.

4)ACT-1 Group

Founder: Janice Bryant Holroyd


Founded: 1978

ACT-1 Group..

The North Carolina A&T University graduate, the African American entrepreneur, is the chief executive officer of ACT-1 Group is the leading company in resource management solutions. It is the largest minority women owned employment agency in United States that has over $1 billion in annual revenue whose mission is to become the business communities’ global partner and deliver human resource solution that exceed your expectation.

5) ZeroChaos

Founder: Harold Mills


Founded: 1999


The company provides innovative solution to its customers. The CEO of ZeroChaos once drive a tractor for $4 an hour now owns a fastest growing staffing company that provides the possible workforce solutions including back office processes, private label sourcing, etc. The company optimizes their contract labor force, with automated web enabled delivery platform that save customer’s million of dollars. The company has annual sales of $700 millions.

6)MV Transportation Inc.

Founder: Alex and Feysan Lodde

Founded: 1975

MV Transportation Inc...

The company founded by the couple has total revenue of nearly $700 million and employs more than 13,000 people is currently the largest privately owned transportation contracting firm that provide the largest Para-transit services. It gets you anywhere you want. The transportation company has over 7,000 vehicles, passengers in 100 locations in 26 states and in Canada too.

7)TAG Holdings LLC

Founder: Holdings is the parent corporation of a diverse group of companies


Founded: 2001

TAG Holdings LLC..

The company has the control over variety of businesses including four automobile wheel assembly suppliers, Korean and Chinese plumbing services and consolidation and warehouse services. The CEO, Joseph B. Anderson is a West Point graduate was initially the General motor executive. The company provides the world-class modular assembly that has revenue of more than $700 million annually.

8)The RLJ Cos.

Founder: Robert L. Johnson


Founded: 2004

The RLJ Cos.

The company was raise over the grounds of Black Entertainment Television which was sold by Robert L. Johnson before raising RJ companies. The American holding company has variety of business including Our Story Films, automotive, real estate, financial services, Charlotte Bobcats are few worth mentioning. The RLJ Development, bought by Thomas and Johnson acquire 22 properties worth more than $1 billion. The company has annual revenue of $578 million.

9)Bridgeman Foods Inc.



Founded: 1988


The company of one of all-time great NBA player, “Junior” Bridgeman, operates more than 100 Wendy’s Hamburger restaurant across the country, 120 Chili’s, 28 Fazoli, 9 Perkkin’s Family restaurant & Bakery Restaurant. The CEO has earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Louisville.

10) Barden Cos. Inc.

Founder: Don Barden


Founded: 1992

Barden Cos. Inc.,

The American Casino executive, Don Barden, is considered as one of the Top Black businessman, who was a real estate developer specializing in gaming and entertainment. He has developed successful ventures in gaming, television and real estate. The annual revenue has exceeded from $600,000 to $400 million from 2008. Today Barden operates throughout Mississippi, Colorado and Las Vegas.

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