Best Ways To Make Money with Google Plus?

GOOGLE PLUSIf you want your business to flourish quicker than your imaginations, you need to turn your business into an online one as internet is the biggest possible market. It is now compulsory that you have a sound base in World Wide Web. Google is keen to launch it’s another new social networking site, the Google Plus” which has given the people another way to earn a happy living. Moreover the service providers are enjoying the benefits too. It is hard to assume even that someone who uses Google and is in search of money making techniques is not aware of this name. The Google +!

Before I share HOW to make money via Google+, you first need to know WHY you should start marketing on G+.

You need to know that Google Plus has got over 11 million of users out of which almost 80% of the audience tends to be tech sensed by now, ideally building something related to tech would make it more successful. As you can see, a Google+ has got very large traffic, people these days love to click, trust me on that. This is because today everyone wants to stay updated and keeps a check on every possible happening by any links they can see of! Here comes the best part, it has no restriction on it as this network is in beta and so new.

Now, it’s time to reveal the secrets. Some easy yet productive ways to start your business with Google + are as follow:-

1. Create an ACCOUNT

The first thing you need to have a hold on is to get yourself a Google+ invite. Ask your friends who have one, to send you a G+ invite. Create an account having a name like something people in your niche would want to follow, for example if you were in some sports niche, you might choose something like “sports news”, etc. You need to add a picture related to your niche too.

2. Develop A Google Plus Application

As I mentioned in my earlier post regarding “Essentials to make Money by Blogging in 2012”, skill building is again needed here too. If you are web designer or a web developer, you will find another door of success open. That means if you have got good programming skills, then you can simply develop and application for G+ users. This application can be of any type, like it can be some game or a browser, even you can earn for making simple add-ons. Each day, each minute you will see that users around the globe will download your application. These download and likes will bring more traffic and exposure to your site. You can also submit your applications to android or Apple iOs stores too. And once the companies started to like your app, they can even purchase that from you. Just imagine! woahh

3. Find Google+ profiles related to your Niche

friend circles at google+

You need to have a social circle for this thing for sure. This is to be done to increase the number of your Google+ followers. Target those who do you expect to follow you up.

Considering the above example of a sports niche, you might need people who are presently following: or

Once you get a hold of 500-1000 profiles, then you can sale out +1’d recommendations to the web owners! Your rankings highly depend on social media and the web owners are ready to spend to buy their likes and Google+ recommendations to rank their contents even higher.

4. Blog regarding Google +

You need to understand the global demands of people and should slog about them. People need new, fresh and updated content. Just like any news bulletin, your blog should act like the ONLY forum to provide these happenings as quickly as possible. Talk about Google+ on your blogs. More Blog Traffic leads to more pages viewed which further generates greater revenue.

5. Invest a Little to Reap Great

If you are not a professional programmer, no worries, hire someone to develop an application for you. Hire people for the tasks you think you aren’t good at. Once you pay about $500 and get the app, you can then get up to $200 daily. A sensible deal I guess.

6. What about a dedicated Google+ Blog?

Blogs that are specific in theme are most likely to earn better than those which provide a generalized view. Think about starting a new blog about Google+, you can please Google by doing so (: D) and can earn around $ 500 – $ 1000 /month.

So I wish you all the luck with Google +, have fun guys.

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