Best Ways To Identify Cheaters on Fiverr

Identify cheaters on fiverrHave you ever given a thought about the fact that despite of its wonderful usage and publicity, Fiverr is one of the most wrongly used platforms, when it comes to fooling someone and grabbing some amount in return of giving no services to the client. If the news is new to you, we have something to reveal out. As per the latest survey conducted by our team, it has been found that out of every 5 clients, 1 is a victim of spamming and cheating on Fiverr. It can be really interesting to know how can one actually be fooled over such a recognized platform, but the fact is, Fiverr has nothing to do with this and it is the responsibility of the individual, seeking for the service or the service provider, to analyze where to invest his time and money.

Here are some of the quickest and reliable tips that will help you out to identify cheaters on Fiverr. Have a look!

Demanding all reward as advance as direct payments

Doing a gig for $5 is Fiverr all about. However, studies have shown that once a strong affiliation is created among the client and the freelancer, it may lead to a long term working partnership along with a slight raise in the amount as well. If you are starting to deal with a new service provider whom you do not know anyway and the only middleware between you two is Fiverr, you need to push on your buttons to investigate about his credibility. Myself, being a freelancer too, can share the experience that it is the freelancer who has to put the work on stake by being the first one to invest his input in the collaboration. Mostly, the clients prefer to pay the total amount once the Work is delivered and all the corrections are successfully ammended. So for clients, it can be a bit alarming when the freelancer ask to make the private payment prior to the work delivery.

It is advisable not to make any payments other than Fiverr. This is slightly because there have been cases identified where money was transferred to the recipient after which, the work never got delivered, neither did the client got a hold of the person.

Promising to pay the dues other than Fiverr Post Delivery

Fiverr frauds
Cases have shown that it is not only the client who is the victim of frauds but the ratio is a bit huge for the freelancers who are promised for the separate payments after the delivery of work but never get any response from the client once the service is delivered. It is advised to all the service providers to follow the guidelines of Fiverr payment mechanism and do not agree for conditions that are not a part of the platform itself.

Verifying Testimonials of the service providers/clients

Ask questions

Freelancers think that asking too many questions from the client may upset him and can result in dropping the idea of working with the freelancer. This thought has resulted in igniting many misunderstandings and miscommitments. Whether you are a freelancer seeking for work, or a client, it is always better to know about the task more and ask for discripencies if any. Alwso inquire about the other service providers or clients the 2nd party has worked with to assess how far you can trust the source.

Commiting unpractical deadlines

In order to delegate a task, you should be knowing the basics of it for sure. Once you know the complexity involved in yout work, you can only then see the white and black, identifying the grey out of the work. It has happened that many service providers commit wrong deadlines just to get a hold of the task and are then not able to meet the delivery date or compromise the quality to delivey quick, resulting in an overall failure of the deal. As a client, you should be smart enough to analyze the cruel realities of your project and must identify whether the freelancer is over rating himself or has done the proper research and qouted the right amount of time.

Perhaps, there are huge ways people are bluffing each other over the internet as the online money making concept goes viral over the web. It is essential to remember the above stated basic rules and apply them to avoid been cheated.

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