Best Tools of 2012 to post More than 140 Characters Tweet on twitter

keep sharingSocial Media is all about expressing yourself. The words play very important role in interacting with friends, family and people on social media. Many people however do not appreciate the limitation that is imposed on them for writing Tweets less than 140 words. And I totally agree with them here too, after all, there should be a freedom in expressing and sharing our thoughts when the social media is making Dollars and Dollars just because of our use of it.

So as a remedy to it, I have compiled a good deal of Powerful tools that will allow you to post longer tweets almost up to 500 characters.

Some Tools are as Follows:

1. RichTweets

It is a wonderful tool I must say, you can create HTML Tweets with colors, images, videos and widgets. It gets connected to your twitter account and on posting in it; it automatically gets posted on your twitter account too. One of the most exciting features it allows is YouTube videos can be added you can also embed other videos. You need to input the full code in the video embed box. So you see, there is hardly anything you will find lacking in it!

2. XLTweets


If you get short of space, with words still in your head, this is what you need. It’s an easy tool. Simply type in the text and provide your twitter account details.

3. Jumbo Tweet

Jumbo tweets

Using jumbo will allow you to post larger tweets and lets you engage in more powerful interactions on Twitter.

4. ezTweets

If you are too social, this one is made for you I guess. You can post on Twitter as well as on Facebook via this tool. It allows you to write all what you want. It is important to state its working manner here. It takes more than 140 characters, then split them neatly in the sets of 140 each, marks the Tweets in a sequential way and post them to you Twitter all together. You can write as much as you can.

5. TwerBose


Like all others, it’s also a web application that lets you write more and more. This application will shrink your characters and post it to your Twitter stream. Your friends can comment and share with others too.

6. MaxiTweets

This one is a little behind among the above stated ones. It allows up to 200 characters tweets, however, this means an increase of nearly 50% of what twitter itself is offering.

7. TweetCut

Here is something different, with the advancement of technology, everything is becoming compact, and so is the strategy that Tweetcut has followed. It do not allow any extra space to you for longer tweets but offers you common abbreviations and helps you in making your words shorter, making them fix in 140 character limit.

8. Twitlonger


You can sign up using Twitter OAuth and thus that will allow you to post longer tweets. You just need to login and that’s the only requirement to keep on writing. It will post your tweet with a link to view the entire text. Majority of the people do not like it that much because it takes you to another window screen which is sometimes too irritating!

9. Tinypastetinytweets

It allows you to write more than 140 characters tweets. It offers different tools to manage your twitter account as well

10. Twiffo

Similar to all others, obviously this one allows you to post more than 140 Character tweets. You write all what you want in the type box and click on sign with twitter button, that will take you to your twitter account, when you click on allow button, your post will be posted!twiffo

Do let me know  about your Experiences with these tools,