15 Best Performing Cities of America

15 BEST PERFORMING CITIES OF AMERICAAmerica has always enjoyed being one of the most wanted country when it comes to migrating from different countries. However, people who might do not have a wide exposure to the cities of America find their options limited. We have been targeting this aspect recently to make it convenient for the people abroad to know more about where to switch to, which city to choose in order to settle, which company to join for a job, etc. And here is a detailed post on the list of top 15 countries that are considered to be the backbone of the economy of United States apart from those big cities that you might know like New York, etc.

They are as Follows:

1) San Antonia, Texas

Population: 1.3 million

Rank: 7th in United States

San Antonia has a diversified economy with financial services, government, health care and tourism as the primary focuses. It also has one of the largest military concentrations of US which contribute $5.25 billion to city’s economy. Tourism also has a huge share in the city’s economy, approximately $10.7 billion. San Antonio is a hub for large companies such as Valero Energy Corp, Tesoro, USAA, Clear Channel Communications and NuStar Energy.

2) El Paso, Texas

Population : 649,121

Rank: 19th in United States

The city has more than 70 Fortune 500 companies, such as The Hoover Company, Eureka, Boeing and Delphi (auto parts), operating in the arena. El Paso is proud to be the first large city in the world which has a spaceport.

3) Fort Collins-Loveland, Co

Population of 143,986

Rank: 4th in Colorado

Fort Collins has been named as the best place to live in Money Magazine. Fort Collins has a mixed economy. It includes manufacturing and service-related businesses. Since Colorado University offers many resources and has great research facilities, many high-tech companies have relocated to Fort Collins. This contributes a lot to the economy of the city.

4) Austin-Round Rock, TX

Population : 99,887

This has become a major center for economic growth in Texas now with industries such as clean energy, advanced manufacturing, life sciences and computer/software development as the main sources. It has a very strong public education system and is also known as a home for Dell. It offers extensive health care services.

5) Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood, TX

Population: 330,714

It is a metropolitan area that covers three countries, Bell, Coryell, and Lampasas. The per capita income there is $16,271.

6) Salt Lake City, UT

Population: 189,899.

Salt Lake is the capital of Utah – state of US. Its economy service oriented, the mining, steel and railroad operations constitute a major part of it. Tourism, companies, conventions and major suburban call centers have their own contributions.

7) Anchorage, AK

Population of 291,826

It is Alaska’s largest city and constitutes more than 40 % of the state’s total population. Local economy of Anchorage depends mainly on its geographical locations and surrounding natural resources. Large sectors of its economy comprise of municipal, transportation, military, state, resource extraction, federal government, tourism and corporate headquarters. Anchorage is very famous for its arts and crafts.

8) Huntsville, AL

Population 180,105

Rank: 4th in Alabama

Huntsville has very diversified economy. Its economy mainly depends on aerospace and military technology. The main hubs for this technology driven economy are Redstone Arsenal, Cummings Research Park (CRP), and NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.

9) Provo-Orem, UT

Population : 526,810

Its landmarks include Covey Center for the Arts, LDS Missionary Training Center, and Provo City Library at Academy Square, Provo Tabernacle, Provo Utah Temple and Utah Valley Convention Center.

10) Kennewick-Richland-Pasco, WA

Population: 253,340

Rank: 4th largest in Washington State.

Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland are known as tri-cites. The major industries are agriculture, Hanford, wine and automotive. Its recreation activities comprise of golfing, trail system, water sports, parks and professional sports.

11) Charleston-North Charleston, SC

Population: 97,471

Rank: 3rd largest city of U.S. state, South Carolina

It is considered as one of the state’s major industrial cities and it is the state’s major retail center. Its culture basically includes orphanages, museums, historical sites, Charleston Area Convention Center, Coliseum and Performing Arts Center and sports.

12) Cedar Rapids, IA

population : 126,326

Rank: 2nd largest city in Iowa

Cedar is known as “the city of five seasons”. It is a flourishing center for arts and culture. It is the world’s largest corn processing region.

13) Raleigh-Cary, NC

Population: 135,234

Cary is currently the second most populous incorporated town in the United States.

14) Ogden-Clearfield, UT

Population: 547,184

Its per capita income is $18,479.

15) Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, TX

Population: 6.08 million

Rank: 5th largest metropolitan area

Houston–Sugar Land–Baytown is the main city as it is the largest economic and cultural center of America.

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