5 Best Alternatives To Udemy

Best Alternatives to UdemyWhen it comes to some of the key names in regard with online learning and video sharing related to different courses, Udemy has got a significant position in the list. It is an online platform where you can sell your courses if you are an expert at something. you can also learn any specific area of subject provided on their website. According to recent surveys, Udemy claims to serve over 10 million students and it also has an option of more than 40,000 course alternatives. Coming to the fact, Udemy is not the only platform to learn in the e-learning market. There are several other alternatives which are giving their best services just like Udemy or even better than that. Here are five alternatives to Udemy!

1.    Coursera

coursera alternate of edemyCoursera is just like another place providing services in e-learning market and we are calling it an alternative to Udemy. The reason behind is not the number of courses because Udemy has a lot more courses than that of Coursera. Coursera has got affiliation with some of the top educational institutions and the courses are being offered by official university professors. It lets you choose an alternate course for you credit and get you an official certification for this course at a cost of some big bucks.

2.     Lynda.com

lynda alternative of UDEMY

Lynda.com is a big name in this field and makes to be one of the best alternatives to Udemy. It is subscription based website which lets its users have an access to around 80,000 videos on subscription. Just like Udemy, you have to pay a little amount to learn a course or all free at cost. It mainly focuses to sharpen the employability skills of the amateurs who are new in the professional fields. It has a feature of giving courses at a low cost if you use it through a library or educational institution.

3.    Skillshare


Skillshare has been a popular name in online learning and teaching platforms for its expertise in a wide and diversified range of courses. The creativity that it comes up with is the main feature that makes it different from Udemy. There are famous current market and industry names who offer the respective courses from their fields making Skillshare an exception. You can have a course without membership at a cost of around $20 to $30. Whether it is the fields of marketing or designing or its about music and fine art, Skillshare comes up with all the creative courses for its users.

4.    Khan Academy

Khan Academy UDEMY

The next alternative that we have on our list belongs to Bollywood’s most favorite Salman Khan. Yes it’s the Khan Academy we are mentioning here. Khan academy is another platform like Udemy which is a non-profit online video based teaching and learning website with a large number of users. It mainly focuses on the basic academic courses including maths, science, humanities and economics in the form of miniature lectures taken from Youtube. The best part of Khan Academy is that its free for all.

5.    Udacity


Udacity, famous for its expertise in  technical education and computer and data science based courses, make to be a great e-learning place today. Although it offers less courses as compared to Udemy but its courses in the field of technology are being offered by some great names from Facbook, Google and Salesforce which make this place worth it. The courses provided can be counted as technical training program credits.

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