Top 10 Best Alternatives to Fiverr in 2013

best alternatives to fiverrIt’s all about $5! Fiver has walked down a unique idea in global online marketplace where you will get an employee from funny to bizarre, graphic to technology, writing to marketing, anything that you possibly want to get done within hours, offering all tasks and services, in-short the micro jobs, known as ‘gigs’ for $5 only. The idea was unique where people could use their creativity but over the years it has become quiet competitive. For now it doesn’t pay you very well, like you may get $5 to propose a professional name and motto where else your friend is offering to create a dynamic website using CSS, JavaScript, etc. for $5 only which is certainly unfair.

This is not done yet, you are spending hours to get your job done, and what you get in the end is $4! Where is your $1? It has gone to Fiverr as a 20% commission per gig. Until you are spending 30 minutes per gig its worth working with Fiverr but if you’re going to get only $5 for spending hours, then here are 10 best Alternatives to Fiverr that you should not miss.


It is one of the best alternatives for you to offer service because you can get your writings done in $13 or $5 its all depend on you. Here the services are offered for $5 to up to anything you want. The site offers varieties of jobs from data entry to blogging from designing to programming and all of it is not bound to $5. Once you sign up, you need to walk down three levels. Everyone starts at level 1 and congratulation you don’t need to create services for less than $5 but beware it shouldn’t be more than $100 but as you move on with the levels the staff of SEOClerks will label you as X Level user, which are considered best of bests.


If you are spending hours working for somebody and you wanted to get paid at least more than $30 then you should check it out where everything is get done in $40 and $50. It works like fiverr and so deducts 20% commission on every gig, but over all, it’s a good site to work upon.


It’s one of the favorite sites to freelancers, either you want to work as a part timer or full time user you landed at a right place where you can buy or sell from $5 – $50 over your micro jobs. You will get paid once you are done with the job via PayPal, VISA, Direct Debit and MasterCard. Whether you are programmer, singer, writer, etc, post as many gigs as you like for free, the more gigs you post the better are your chances to buy or sell.


If you are good at anything, take a minute and think about it, may be you can come up with 3-5 gigs to post for $3, $5, $6, $9, $12, $15, $27 up to $90. The site is one of the alternatives and is verified by PayPal. You can get your money if you have an account of VISA, PayPal or MasterCard. It offers one of the bests, trustworthy and hardworking freelancers. Signup for free over the sites and earn some extra bucks easily, or get your job done in hours.


The best thing you will hardly find in any of the clones of fiverr is the commission free site. It is same like that of fiverr but has 2 great advantages; you can do your micro jobs from $2 to $100 and good news is that, the site has no commission over gigs and no fees of registration. Get paid directly by the buyers once you done with the job.


It’s a town where everything gets done in $10 and $20. If you think it worth $20 then go for it because here you will find trustworthy and potential clients to hire you. The site has its 20% commission per gig so you will be getting $8 or $ 16 when you are done with your job.


It works similar to that of fiverr, so if you are one of the users of fiverr you may not find any difference except it pays you $4 per gig and the payment is via Paypal before you actually start working. The site has low user growth and less people visiting, though it’s not better than fiverr but you could give it a shot.


Get done with everything in $10, the only problem which you may face is that the site is not quite popular so you might face difficulties in getting swift orders. Payments are made through PayPal and similar interface. If you are a seller you will get paid after you deliver and if you are a buyer you will get paid before but seller will be tracking your progress. Rest it works similar to fiverr.


It is one of the new sites enrolled couple of years ago, it is ranked 157,962, which is quite low but this mean it gets lots of visitors around 2,835 visitors and 12,191 page views per day. Get your job done in $10. Sign up and post for free. Find cheap Facebook likes, twitter tweets, web developers and other web related tasks in only $10. The good thing about the site is, it has lower commission rate than fiverr but the problem is giggers have to post gigs with lower rates to attract clients.


It is a clone of fiverr, that works exactly the same way. The services are same too and so the same interface of payment. Here the gigs are for $5 and the site has 20% commission per gig.

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  1. Very nice alternate ways. Keep it up. Plz write an article on how to earn extra money as being a taxi driver.

  2. I’m glad to see at the top of the list, they really deserve the first position. I’ve been using it for years and have made a lot of extra cash, got to level X, and have consistent revenue. This site is amazing and highly recommended!

  3. Hey Nida, really nice list of alternatives. I appreciate your good work. Further, I would like to know that – Is there any alternative of Fiverr where payment can be done through Neteller ? Actually, I have funds in my Neteller account and I want to get best out of that. Hope you would have an smart idea.

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