Top 10 Beach Hotels Of Thailand to Visit in Vacations In 2012

thailand beachNo matter what age or country you belong to, you need to have some recreations and outings to keep your life going on healthily. It has been seen that people who are money lovers and work like anything to make money for themselves, often take recreational leaves to refresh themselves for the hard work and tough schedule they are usually busy in.

If you are planning to enjoy your vacations, then Thailand is a good option. Here are the top 10 Beach Hotels and places that you should not miss while visiting this beautiful country.

Tarutao national park bungalows

Rent for residing: two person bungalow from 11 pounds

Tarutao National Marine Park

The national park where once the pirates and prisoners took shelter is now the safest place on Thailand to stay in, the only danger is from the beasties like snakes and monkeys of the interior jungle but the basic and adequate level of protection is offered on all beaches where you can shelter in bungalows rather than huts in reasonable price. You may not be bothered by reptiles or monkeys but minimal electricity and cold water may get you the hard time but if you can brave this condition then enjoy the natural beauty of Tarutao. Further if you are fond of snakes than there lots of beasties like snakes that can add another fun to your adventure πŸ™‚

OonLee Bungalows, Koh Jum

Rent for residing: it is from13-87 pounds depend on room and season

Koh Jum Oon Lee Bungalows

The silent, flourishing green island Koh Jum is still off the radar of majority of people visiting to Andaman Coast hub of Krabi. Most of the people either headed to the busy beaches of Ao Nanag or flesh pot of phi phi but those lucky ones who make onto it enjoy the actual beauty of Sea Gypsy locals, eccentricity of land and beauty of thich interior of jungle. The pick of places to take shelter in are Oonlee bungalows- owned by a Frenchwoman and her Thai husband. These bungalows are the heavens where you will find the blend of forest and sea with splendid food and soft bunk and cushions, which are worthy of lifetime laziness and the charm of land and love of house will for sure make your vacations heaven.

Kantary Beach, Khao Lak

Rent of residing: low season, from 40 pounds and above; high season, 80 pounds or above

Kantary Beach, Khao Lak

The beautiful and splendid white sand beaches are the extension of Andaman Sea coast, and Khao lak national park are just an hour drive from Phuket. Of the various enormous excellent luxurious mild to high range resorts, Kantary beach is the pick of majority where the contemporary designer room encloses everything ranging from living area to mini kitchen and sofa bed to balcony. Each and every section of room is decorated with comfort and love and delightful Thai cuisine and seafood makes it a perfect place for luxurious tropical lazing. The area also provides kids zone to play and rents out kayaks to guest as well.

The Mangrove, Koh Chang

Rent of residing: bungalow from 17 pounds

In the corner of eastern gulf there are 50 or so islands covering an area of about 650 sq km and Kho Chang national marine park and island lie in the middle of islets that has hills and exquisite beaches, luxurious tropical lazing and hangout terraces around the resort tucked upon by Bailan Bay where you will find the loving and beautiful mangroves and bungalows overlooking the exquisite beaches. The wooden, cutely furnished bungalows provide a total atmosphere of relaxation. The sea may go a bit narrow during high tides.

Sun Beach Guesthouse, Prachuap Khiri Khan

Rent of residing: rooms from 15 pounds

Sun Beach Guesthouse, Prachuap Khiri Khan

A gorgeous bay with promenade style seafront of a friendly fishing town of Prachuap Khiri Khan is located down the Gulf of Thailand, has been staying away from the sight of people thereby maintaining much of the earthy Thai charm. The charm is mainly by the Ao Manao beach, with somnolent water and verdant ambiance or tall trees is a home of dusky monkeys and cheap and delicious seafood stalls. There is no place to reside there but you may find sea faces balcony rooms on Sun Beach Guesthouse, enjoy wonderful sunrises.

Nimmanoradee Resort, Koh Samet

Rent of residing: cottage available for two for a night is around 58 pounds

Nimmanoradee Resort, Koh Samet

The islet of Samet, well known as weekend party island has lapped with perfect white sand with bay and exquisite quiet ambiance, the more you headed towards south of it, the quieter it gets ultimately you reach the Nimmanoradee Resort, a sign of calm to the island. The beautiful clapboard huts are few miles away the resort. The resort has designer luxurious room with swimming pool and deckchairs everywhere, bathtubs and TVs in the rooms provide the comfort and luxurious soothing holidays.

Koh Yao Noi community homestay programme

Rent of residing:, it offers three day stay plus transport facility in 235pp pounds.

Yao noi , an islets located in the middle of the Phang Nga Bay, is also a destination for award winning home stay programmed where you may live the life of islanders by getting along with the host family which will get you the amazing seafood you ever had, and will get you day trips to secret beaches . Accommodation is mainly with the host families and families take turn to host guests according to rules.

Bamboo Bungalows, Koh Phayam

Rent of residing: rooms from 4.52-32 pounds

Bamboo Bungalows, Koh Phayam

The island famous enough for its cashew nuts contest, full moon beach party which you may find not anywhere else and other splendid beaches, it is two hour boat ride from Burmese border that lies to the north of Andaman Sea coast. If you are looking to live for entire month you can get the house in less than 200 pounds.

Relax Bay, Koh Lanta;

Rent of residing: 19-98 pounds depending on room and season

relax bay resort

It’s a blend of mangroves and islands, famous for its beaches and diving sites which are usually long and gently sloping into warm sea. The resort of the same name Relax bay are uncompressed of wooden bungalows providing great Thai food and friendly services and such a place where you might end up staying longer than you planned.

Sai Thong Resort, Koh Tao

Rent of residing: 11-55 pounds depending upon season

Sai Thong Resort, Koh Tao

The island famous for its white sand beach and diving- easy currents, shallow waters, whales and sharks pull in the crowd and the land has many scuba diving schools. The only resort on the tiny beach is Sai Thong providing excellent food, hammocks, balconies and private bathrooms.

Thailand is overloaded with the places that are refreshing enough to get over with all of your worries.

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