The Basics Of Making Money Online

The -Basics-Of-Making-Money-OnlineAre you a newbie to the online world? Or you struggling to promote your business and make a standing online? Then you simply can’t afford to skip reading this post.

Internet is the most profitable and attractive place at the moment for Entrepreneurs to drive conversions and expand their businesses.

The following tips will help you establish yourself online. Not to mention, these are the basics of making money online. 

1. Testimonials and feedback speak tons about your work.

Testimonials are important

Testimonials help you to gain customer’s trust and also help your customers to trust your services. Don’t always rely on feedback and testimonials from your family, closest friends, or partners.

Ask feedback from people who you don’t know and who are fit to be your client or customer.

Obtain feedback and testimonials from people who matter, before you actually launch your services or products to all.

2. Start your own website or blog.

Your blog defines you and your brand

Having ones own website or blog can help in promoting a brand more efficiently. Merely sharing the work on social media won’t help unless you have a well maintained and updated website or blog.

Choose a good CMS like WordPress or Blogger. Buy a unique and easy-to-remember domain name. Don’t forget to promote your site or blog extensively.

3. Be Social.

social media
It is important to be social

Being social doesn’t mean you need to be at all the social media sites. Every social media platform is made for a different purpose.

For example: Pinterest and Instagram encourage images, while Google+, Twitter and Facebook all three of them support wide range of media and also text.

Find which social media network works best for you. Be active on the major social media sites and forget about the rest.

It is better to be well established at one place than be scattered everywhere but making no impact anywhere. 

4. Content is the King.

Content is the King

Offering services and products directly to the potential customers might not help you much. But giving away content and then selling something can prove to be profitable.

Example: Publish a post, video or podcast and then offer some products or services to your readers.

Providing value through content to your visitors is a smart strategy to drive sales.

5. Start small.

Avoid outsourcing services in the initial stages. Try doing it yourself and start small. Having a gorgeous website, and attractive images in the beginning is not necessary at all.

Focus on providing value to establish expertise. The rest will follow naturally.


The Internet has tons of opportunities for you. Get the basics right.

If social media is used efficiently, it can deliver great results. The top five tips will help you shine online. Have more tips to share with us? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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