Who Is Bashir Ali Mohammad and What Makes Him Rich?

Bashir Ali mohamadIf you too, are a fashion geek and love following Asian fashion to the best of your use on daily basis you kust know GulAhmed which is one of the most renowned brands of Pakistan and has also established its online market all over the world. Promoting the cultural clothing for both, men and women, the brand is followed by a mass audience. If you have been wondering who owns it and how much does he earns, here is a detailed article. Have a look!

Bashir Ali Mohammad – owner of Gul Ahmed

Bashir Ali Mohammad is the current Chairman and CEO of the most famous fashion textile of Pakistan named Gul Ahmed. His group, Gul Ahmed includes different groupings such as Gul Ahmed Textile Mills, Gul Ahmed Energy and Habib Metropolitan Bank. Besides all these holdings, different other companies are also being introduced in the market under the same name. Among all these new introductions Ideas by Gul Ahmed is the most prominent one. Various other concerns of the Gul Ahmed group involves a private company i.e. Swisstex Chemicals Limited, which is a huge chemical supply company that has the solitary rights for delivering Ciba Specialty Chemicals in Pakistan.

This group has capitalized in subcontracting information technology in collaboration with another company Arwen Technologies.  The trading business of Gul Ahmed stared during the early time period of 20th century and it was in the year 1953 that this corporation decided to enter the field of fashion manufacturing. Until 1972, Gul Ahmed was listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange after which the company is making significant progress and is now the most leaving and unique composite textile industry of the entire world.

Ideas by Gul Ahmed on the other hand, is a chief retailing venture of the company which considers the increasing trends of retail industry in Pakistan along with the increment in cotton prices in order to introduce value added products to the customers. Ideas by Gul Ahmed offer a huge range of bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, men’s apparel, women’s apparel, in-house branding, embroidery and made-to-measure facilities.

Why is Bashir Ali Mohammad Rich?

Why is Bashir Ali mohammaf rich

Bashir Ali Mohammad is not only a textile mill owner in Pakistan but he also has his hands full in India. He is the son of late Haji Ali Muhammad who was a great entrepreneur and philanthropist of his time. Most of the earnings of Bashir Ali Mohammad are from his company Gul Ahmed textiles but since he is associated with other groupings like Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited, Gul Ahmed Energy Limited, Metropolitan Bank Limited, Swisstex Chemicals (Pvt) Limited, and Arwen Tech (Pvt) Limited, his overall income enhances many folds. Other major reason that makes him a rich entrepreneur is that he has been a part of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association previously and was also a chief member of Export Promotion Bureau of Pakistan. He has earned quite a handsome sum of money from these designations.

Over the past few years, his family had come to be known as Pakolawala’s due to its link with the Pakola drink business. Bashir Ali Mohammad is also among the fund raising board of the Aga Khan University Hospital. His family is standardized as being tremendously generous and traditional in nature and stays to contribute with benevolent organizations inside Pakistan. Other than this, they are particularly acknowledged for founding medical centers in Pakistan and giving money to support people with schooling and accommodation.

Gul Ahmed owner

Bashir Ali Mohammad has also been bestowed with the Sitara-e-Imtiaz from the hands of General Parvez Musharraf which is the utmost integrity that can be granted on a citizen by Pakistan’s administration.

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