10 Awesome Free Tools for Design Collaboration

10 Awesome Free Tools for Design Collaboration The life of a designer is very frustrating and tiring. The sharing and collaboration of design is a very difficult task as sending emails and waiting for replies consumes a lot of time and efforts. To ease this issue, we are sharing 10 awesome free tools for design collaboration. These tools are very easy and handy to use. With designers moving to these tools, they are surely going to make a lot of money as thy collaborate fast and are secure and efficient.

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1) Red Pen

Red Pen

Red Pen is a great designing and collaborating tool. It allows you to get instant feedback, upload your design and share your URL to get live. With Red Pen, your data is safe and secure. It remembers you so you don’t have to login each time and you get to retain the ownership of your uploads.

2) Bounce


Bounce is a really useful app by ZURB as it allows you to add feedback and collaborate between project managers. You can add a screenshot by typing the web address on the form or upload an image. It gives you click and drag options to make notes, add your name, save notes and share your feedback.

3) Flatsies



Flatsies is a great tool which allows all the designers to share their concepts with clients very efficiently. It is retina-ready since it makes all the images look great on all devices. It allows batch uploads and customization of features logo.

4) Prevue


Prevue is a fully featured app since it offers uploading and sharing of  concepts with the clients. It provides password protection and a secure, private work environment. It allows you to  add your own logo, upload your designs and start sharing quickly and easily.

5) Marqueed


Marqueed simplifies the sharing and discussion of images and aims to make the creative process easy. It allows users to communicate and collaborate securely.

6) GoVisually


GoVisually is the best designing tool for teams. It makes reviewing and sharing concepts simpler. It offers instant collaboration, managing multiple revisions, tracking comments and using annotation tools to mark up changes.

7) Invision App

Invision App

InvisionApp is one of the best prototyping and collaboration tools for design teams. It can esily be used to link up UX sketches, wireframes or high fidelity designs. It has made the creation of designs very simple and easy.

8) Design Drop

Design Drop

Design Drop is a new tool which allows you to conduct design reviews with your clients and team and offers you to collect visual feedback. Its main objective is to facilitate designers in capturing and organizing feedback.

9) Framebench


Framebench provides collaboration between digital agencies, clients and design firms. It acts as a central workplace which lets you store and share your creative assets.

10) Concept Inbox


Concept Inbox

With Concept Inbox, sharing design concepts has become very easy. All you have to do is, send an email to in@conceptinbox.com with your project title and images and then you will end up with your own dashboard consisting of various options.

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  1. Hi guys, what a comprehensive list! We’d also like to suggest that readers check out Concept.vu, a client approval tool we just launched to help producers, designers, and project managers get fast feedback and sign off on work.

    Concept.vu is designed for creatives to get fast approval on work and was built from the ground up with this purpose. It also works in IE8 🙂

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