10 Most Available Jobs in Canada for Pakistanis and Indians

available jobs in canadaCanada is one of the most promising locations for job seekers who find it much easier to travel to Canada and get a hold of a respectable job there.We have been sharing a great deal of ideas that work like magic for the jobless graduates who are talented but are still waiting for a right opportunity.

According to the latest survey been conducted, it has been found that the below stated nature of jobs are the most available jobs in Canada. Have a look!

1)School Principal & Administration

Estimated Salary: $90,001

Qualifications: Master of Education Degree

Starting Salary: $97,000- $115,000


There won’t be times now when people won’t be going to school but soon there will be the time when students will be boiling out from the classes of Canada. There will be nearly 7,000 jobs available under this category, you need to get out and sit among people, let superintendents know that you got skills to handle freaky crazy students.

2)Real Estate Financial Manager

Estimated Salary: $79,872

Qualifications: MBA, Charter Financial Analyst, Bachelor in Business Administration

Starting Salary: $50,000-$100,000

real estate manager

The rise of high frequency investments into real estate with evolving gears of luxurious and comfortable life is provoking active investments which you can use up in your favors. The job could leak your steady 10 hours a day to discuss stock ideas with your client, but still it’s quite manageable unless you are not in a highly critical deal situation.

3)Aerospace Engineer

Estimated Salary: $75,000

Qualifications: Engineering Degree

Starting Salary: $45,000 – $60,000

Aerospace Engineer

It may take up steady 75-hour weeks for you to complete never ending project of like testing planes for new helicopter, but be prepare because these could ramp up with big orders. Still it is fascinating to screw and drill the scientific technologies that pump you up to keep going. The entire web house of Canada is full of opportunities, you just need to explore and hit the right firm.

4)Chemical Engineer

Estimated Salary: $78,000

Qualifications: Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Chemical Engineer Degree, Four years work experience

Starting Salary: $50,000-$60,000

Chemical Engineer

Fresh graduates start with exuberant salary $50k to 60k which fetch up to $235k a year, making it a very promising career. The job market for this particular field is flourishing as always because of continuous search of new petroleum resources. The job requires up to date information on emerging technologies and nevertheless a good hand of experience.

5)Head nurse & Health-care Manager

Estimated Salary: $74,880

Qualifications: Four-year Nursing Degree, MBA, Master of health Administration

Starting Salary: $85,000 – $105,000

Head nurse & Health-care Manager

With the rise of medicine and doctors there is over 30% shortage of nursing supervisors and the most difficult goal is to keep large group of staff motivated towards a common goal. The field has many appreciations though you may be making tough yes or no decision every hour.

6)Senior Government Manager

Estimated Salary: $95,992

Qualifications: Degree in Public Administration or Affairs

Starting Salary: $30,000- $60,000

Senior Government Manager

You may need to crack hard nut to get a job but a degree of public administration from federal university can be a plus point for this particular job. The job is hectic and in front of people to appreciate your work if done properly.  From building education reforms till improvising projects all are done from this desk, which could be happening for you if you love to talk.

7)Electrical & Telecommunications Contractor

Estimated Salary: $72,800

Qualifications: Electrician Degree or Certification

Starting Salary: $30- $38/hour


The construction business was seen declining in 2012 however things speeded up for 2013 thus making things better for the contractors as security issues are evolving giving rise to further technical details which you can solve. The job is becoming a hot seat again, as many contractors are on age of retiring and vacancy will soon be available for locals and international labor force task.


Estimated Salary: $79,996

Qualifications: MBA, Bachelor of Laws

Starting Salary: $72,500- $108,000


It has diversity; you can get yourself squeezed into criminology and corporate lawyer associates. A lawyer is made to be demanded in many fields now as we speak. The problem remains in the saturation of the job taken by many new fresh graduates however still it’s a money minting job who knows how to convince in what they speak.

9)Oil & gas Drilling Supervisor

Estimated Salary: $74,880

Qualifications: Petroleum Engineering, experience in drilling crew jobs

Starting Salary: $175,000- $250,000

oil and gas drilling supervisor

Never ending demand of oil and gas are booming industry of oil and gas production, it means it is a top notch job opportunity and high pay scale for every worker landing up in this particular field. Canada’s big oil and gas supplier to world makes it the most reliable job among all the other current jobs.

10)Petroleum Engineer

Estimated Salary: $93,516

Qualifications: Petroleum Engineering

Starting Salary: $90,000- $95,000

petroleum engineer

If you are a recent graduate or got few more years before you call for retirement, the demand has robust, with continue oil industry boom as more than 40% world’s petroleum engineers are expected to enjoy retirement. Hours can be long, days can be hard under scotching sun, but high payments in the end will keep pushing you to love your job.


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