American Idol 11 Winner- Phillips or Sanchez?

AMERICAN IDOL: Logo 2009. CR: FOXThe American Idol (season 11) is now finally on its end. The journey has had been able to grab a large audience all over the world. the results are going to be announced any second and here are we, with you to cool down the tensed air that has forced the American Idol fan Followers across the world. The competition is about to get over declaring a winner out of the two finalists, the Graceful Jessica Sanchez and the dashing Phillip Phillips. The results are going to be announced this night any minute on FOX.

Phillip Phillips’

Phillip phillips’ the young, cute, handsome, heartthrob, who has compelled all the girls out there to vote for him endlessly has thrived to get in to the top 2. This young adorable champ has won almost all the competitions he took part in since he started singing since 2008. Having a great Voice, is not his only charm, in fact a part from being a magnificent singer, he has got the magic in his hands too while playing his fingers on his instruments, not only one particular but having the major expertise in guitar, bass, piano, and drums, impressing not only the audience but also the judges. He gives a unique color to every song he performs, making it as a milestone for himself for getting him more popularity in return.


The biggest medal, I think, for a singer is to known for his versatility and how fortunate is he, that Phillip Phillips’ possesses it. He has shown great improvement pleasing the judges most of the times indicating that he has got all the genres of music. So rightly said by one of his fans :

His greatest strength is that he apparently has no weakness

Whether it’s a business or an art, a successful person is the one who shows consistency in his work, giving best shots regularly and Phillips’ has taken the hearts of his fans just because of his this feature. Although Phillips had to go through extreme illness meanwhile the show was going on, illness being diagnosed as painful stones in kidney, he still got out of that miserable condition, earning love and sympathy votes from the large crowd out there, who loved their idol and wanted to make him the idol of the entire America. This is only because of their votes that he has been able to be a part of the battle that has started tonight.


Jessica Sanchez

Enough for Phillips’ fans now, let us move on to the second candidate of the race of American Idol. Jessica Sanchez, a singer from San Diego, California is a young 16 years old pretty girl, who had been a part of first America’s Got Talent (season 1) at the age of 11. That’s an achievement, itself isn’t it?


People might hold different b=views when it comes to differentiating both of the candidates on the basis of their singing skills, but as what I have learnt from the feedbacks and comments I came across, Sanchez has got a the better voice than that of Phillips’ . if it would have been a singing competition solely, there was no doubt that Jessica Sanchez would have taken up the trophy by now, along with a huge prize money, enough to make her a billionaire, but as the title makes it clear, the competition is about being an icon and possessing the qualities of an idol too. Phillips’ attractive persona has been able to prove him as a dude, at the same time the innocence and purity of Jessica Sanchez’s voice has hit the souls of her Followers.


The Last Chance to Hit the Dial


See The Photo Album of the Finale,

It was last night when the first part of finale was being aired live. The final performances of Tuesday night turned out to be shocking where Sanchez performed power-ballad while Phillips crooned and together they both took the crowd at the biggest hype. The judges gave Phillips’ a standing him ovation for his last song that he sung. Both contestants did really well. According to the plan, each of both had to sing three songs; with round 1 was Simon Fuller’s choice, Round 2 being the contestants’ choice, reprising a song they had previously sung on the show and lastly round 3 was their official winning song, just like other seasons of American Idol. The moment was emotional, forcing the audience to turn into stone.

Sanchez proved herself better, in fact powerful, giving a polished performance of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” In the first round. Phillips who was all set to give a tit for tat reaction, responded with a sleepy take on the classic “Stand by Me.”
It was again Sanchez in round 2 where she sang “The Prayer,” taking an advantage of emotions of the people. She left with a soul hit thought when Phillips reprised “Movin’ Out,” from Billy Joel night, with such a confidence that somehow, the lacking in his performance were over shadowed.

By the end of the show, it was in round 3 finally when Sanchez was loaded with a “winner’s song,” “Change Nothing,” which did not go well, but still she have a great voice that again gave her the advantage here. She somehow forgot the lyrics but you see, that what we can neglect sometimes, believing that they are human who were in excited mode at that time. so such small things can be overlooked by us as viewers. Judges passed some hard comments too, however the ending turned out to be a melodious one when Phillips gave his best performance of the night with “Home,” after which people from the crowed followed him too.  That was certainly an exciting finale performance.



This was a small warm up for the coming posts that will be based on the upcoming richest singers who will earn really a good amount. I personally being a fan of American Idol, would like to share my thoughts here too, whether its Philips or Sanchez, both are my favorite due to different reasons, they both are rightly the deserving ones of the title, which will be soon handed over to anyone of them. My prayers and best wishes to the both contestants, who have been working day and night to achieve their dream-come-true reality. It’s a big day guys. Keep tuned and get ready for some great and interesting posts on the wealth status of your very own AMERICAN IDOL –2012.

AMERICAN IDOL: Finalists Jessica Sanchez (L) and Phillip Phillips (R) at the AMERICAN IDOL press conference Monday, May 21 at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, CA. CR: Michael becker / FOX.


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