Amazing Windows 8 Wallpapers–Reloaded!

windows-8-logoWindows 8 is taking up the market slowly and I have noticed a great thirst in the consumers for the cool desktop wallpapers to keep their windows 8 customized. along with the exciting new features of windows’ new creation, windows wallpapers are center of attention too. Smartearningmethods was keen enough to judge the massive change that will accompany the launch of Windows 8 and has had kept its readers updated with every single move.

The first thing that attracts the consumers is the basic outlook, the features,  and the user interface when it comes to a goof operating system, and Microsoft is smart enough to judge it right,. We have been sharing some extraordinarily astonishing wallpapers, specifically for the windows 8 users, and here we come again.

here are some more most downloaded wallpapers of windows 8!

1) Colorful Eggy

People like you and me like colors , isn’t that? just check out this colorful wallpaper , where these colors specify all the shades that are a part of our lives, that is the Microsoft. statistics have shown that this wallpaper has attracted a huge viewership within the age group between 10 to 20. The best Part about this image is the bright white background that gives a cooling affect. Take my example, I love white, and for me this is one perfect image which has colors as well as the white, showing dignity and not cheapness!


2) Gava love

This Wallpaper has grabbed huge audience with having a great number of downloads too. people might have had different reasons for liking it. some might be fond of green or perhaps the Gave love, as the name suggests, would have compelled them to get their hands on it. although there is nothing too extraordinary in the following image, yet it is quite eye catching and for me,it was an appealing one. try downloading it and use it to see whether it works our for you or not.


3)  Windows world

I couldn’t stop myself when I came across this one incidentally while browsing for the best wallpapers  especially created for the windows 8 users. Give two minutes of yours to this amazing picture, you will sense some deep meaning within it. Its all about perception and the thought it left in me was something like the world is drowning and even by the end of the world, when all continents will get drowned,MICROSOFT would be the last thing to get finished! The second reason, this image has conquered my heart is its theme, deep blue ocean. its simply an extra ordinary piece.

WINDOWS 8 - 10

4) Koffee with Windows

I have been using this one in my slide shows and this picture always leaves me smiling. Tea lovers  love it the most. even when my mother saw it on my desktop she couldn’t stop herself commenting that my love for green tea is getting extra high. over all, a good wallpaper with a pleasing background color.

windows 8-1

5) Nature

Pictures representing Nature always leave their essence in the hearts of the viewers and that is certainly the case here. sceneries and especially like this one are genuinely liked by people of every age whether they are kids or students, or may be professionals.


6) inception

I have been talking about the power of focus in my previous posts,and here is the living example. while the whole world gets blur, you can still see through a drop of water, that’s what focus is all about!


7) Speaking Nature

This Dynamic picture that drags the viewer inside it, is another great wallpaper, most downloaded by the windows8 users. check out the colors of the lake water and especially the sky. terrific!

windows 8-3

8) Get Funky

About 40% of the youth today likes Graffiti images with abstract color combinations and crafts. This picture has something to attract a huge deal of people and is among the top most downloaded wallpapers. if you are thinking what is special in it, try it out!

wallpapers for windows 8-7

9) Inside Windows

The steps and the staircases have always been a victim when it comes to showing the progress. and the real Progress truly lies within Microsoft. overall a cute, decent and encouraging  wallpaper.


10) Teen Love

Teenagers have been a huge supporter of snickers lately and I still remember how much I used to hate my P.E shoes when I was in my School, but you see, that what fashion is all about. Majority of the teens go for Black and this Wallpaper with dignified black background is truly what teens look for when it comes to being trendy!

windows - 8

So this was al for now, I will share more with the audience soon. Hope you liked some of my top most favorite wallpapers,

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