25 Amazing Pictures You Must Download

25 Amazing pictures you must downloadHow Amazing it would be if you get amazed with what you see? The world around you is the way you perceive it to be, making it unique for you. Have you ever tried of discussing your perception with your friends for a common photograph? If yes, then you must be surely knowing what we are talking about! Here are the most amazing 25 photographs, taken by photographers who have given a reason to think how things can look like the other way.

Have a Look!

1. Amazing Wooden Tricks

amazing pictures 1

Amazing work by the carpenter and excellent concept of putting it up in a ground and a person cycling beneath the fascinating architectural creativity.

2. Mind-Upside-DOWN

amazing pictures 2

The word DOWN is painted on the walls and the road altogether in such a way that the person viewing the photo would think that the word is hanging down from the ceiling.

3. Tunnel Art

Amazing Pictures 3 the tunnel

Awe-striking piece of creativity produced by the architecture. It seems as if the entire wall is a hallow tunnel making the visitors stare at it with shock and disbelieve.

4. Play With Perception

Amazing pictures 4 play with perception

Acrobatic and mirror image clicked by the traditional artist Li Wei. The person standing on the foot of another was basically standing on the same ground a few meters away. Epic, isn’t it?

5. Flying too High

amazing pictures flying too high

Looks like there is an invisible power dragging people towards the sky, right? This is another Li Wei’s magical talents that with holds its fans with enticing pictures.

6. Girl Power

amazing pictures girl power

Girl Power! That’s it guys. One more word and you will be thrown right away. Well, that is what it looks like here.

7. Kick-Me

amazing pictures kick tummy

The uses of metallic strings that are not captured in the camera have saved this young lad getting kicked into his belly from a 20th floor building. One might ponder how a man in his sane state of mind could have agreed to this!

8. The Eye

The exquisite use of mirror photography giving one of the most eye-catching snap shot ever.

9. In-The-Clouds

Indeed hard to belief and yet not true what it shows, the hot air balloon is really not among the clouds as it seems.

10. Water Art

Water art

. A quickly taken snap, giving water a shape of a bird. The beak and the wings are extremely clear.

11. Burn The Sky

Burn the Sky

The enchanting photography makes one believe that the person is actually breathing out fire from his mouth, and that too in a shape of erupting lava. Indeed fetching!

12. New Way to An Ocean

New way to An Ocean

Simple and yet intriguing mirror snap-shot at a beautiful sea-shore. Makes one wish to spend his holidays there.

13. Perfect Fire Works

Incredible play with fire sticks! The person stands in water and does an astonishing acrobatic performance with these fire sticks revolving them all around him.

14. The-Sea-Shore


Simple and yet intriguing mirror snap-shot at a beautiful sea-shore. Makes one wish to spend his holidays there.

15. Your Shadow Reflects you

Your Shadow reflects you!

Enlarging the spotlight in an eclipse shape and you get a shadow like the one in this picture. But the astounding credit goes to the photography which makes the easy and simple thing so much sophisticated that it becomes a beauty.

16. Solitude of the Hill-House

Solitude of the Hill-House

Virtual eclipse? Well, it is a marvelous piece of design that adds splendor not only to the solitude of the hill-house but also to the terrifying darkness of the sky. The rays emit like wild pieces of life from the summit. Enticing!

17. An eye shaped staircase

its all about perception you see!

18. Multicolored Flower

multicolored flower

A multicolor rose with black background makes the beauty enhance the wonders of nature.

19.  Cloudy Ice cream-Yummy!

cloudy ic cream

A strong Urge to have an ice cream is clearly visible

20. spray out the clouds

spray out the clouds

21. Rainbow up in the Air

the rainbow is up in the air

22. my car is better than yours

23. the Great Audience

the Great Audience

24. Smallest Airport Ever

Smallest Airport Ever

25. The Water Cyclone

The Water Cyclone

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