Amazing Facts about The Most Expensive Luxury Car In The World


In the running extremes of the growth of world’s business market, the field of automobiles has also emerged gigantically in recent past years. Engineers are eager to create new and lasting cars with perfect and proportioned design and features. It became kind of a challenge for engineers to create something better and more luxurious than that of Mercedes. The passion and devotion to make something more competitive and exciting also required big investment and expertise. Consequently, the idea succeeded and MayBach Exelero at a worth of 8,000,000 dollars became the world’s most expensive luxury car.

Amazing Facts


The four seater sports car was built in 2004, German tires company named Fulda provided its high functioning tires with a twin turbo V12 engine. The model was created by German luxury car manufacturer as an interpretation of steam lined sports car from 1930s.

Running at a maximum speed of 218 MPH, it gives top speed in the list of most expensive cars like Bentley, Bugatti and Maserati. This beauty in the world of automobiles has been implemented with world’s biggest tires of 23 inches Fulda tires which makes it most expensive.

In regard with the dimensions, it is 19 feet long in length 84 inch in width and 54 inch in height. This queen of the cars along with its competitor is titled as the only one and no other model in this line will be designed. The gas mileage is 2.5 mpg on full throttle.

With the most luxurious and elegant looks, the interior of the car is also breathtaking! The theme of interior is perfect red with black that attracts and appeals the interest and charm of car lovers. There is a digital dash display that makes this brilliant body an exception.

One of the most powerful automobiles created by mankind is now given a name ‘May Bach Exelero’. With strong features and physical efficiency, it tops the list of the most stylish and expensive luxury car.