5 Alternatives to YouTube Where It Is Banned!

youtube alternatives 2012It was recently seen that due to the upload of anti-Islamic Movie, The Innocence of The Muslims, Many Muslim Countries banned YouTube, along with some other Google Services in the country. Although appeals were made initially to the Google team for the removal of such clips but the team was reluctant to do so, resulting in 20,000 IPs been blocked in countries, including Pakistan.

It has been a more than a month now that the countries have not removed their ban from YouTube, giving a serious situation to the owners of this Largest Video Sharing Website. However, it is true to state that it is not only the West which is suffering; in fact the locals of these Muslim countries are deprived of one of the most useful services on net. While Students find no way out to find the examples and tutorials for their problems, people of all ages and all domains are suffering in a way or so. It is to quote here that YouTube is the Largest Video Sharing and Uploading site with an alexa ranking of 3. Imagine!

It was only Today that the discussion was raised in my university, leaving me with an idea to share some worth following alternatives. It is important to state here that it is better to o for alternatives rather than going for proxies and unethical ways that are against the laws of your country (If you belong to one of those countries).

Keeping this Idea in mind, here are the 5 Good alternatives of YouTube.

1. Flickr

Alexa rank: 58

flickr video

Having an alexa ranking of 58, Flickr enjoys a huge traffic from all over the world. Flickr is basically a website that lets you upload your videos, as well as your images. If you have some real stuff to upload and share with your community, then you need to become a pro user to have an unlimited access as the basic users only have 90 sec upload permittivity.

2. DailyMotion

Alexa rank: 100


Although it stands somewhere in 100s, it is one of the most attractive platforms after YouTube. Talking about my country Here, All the Dramas and updates are now directing towards Daily Motions for the ploads. DailyMotition offers a varying length of Videos, giving a professional touch. The site also offers high-powered features, like HD uploads, are locked behind pro accounts.

3. Vimeo

Alexa rank: 130


Believing on the Trans of YouTube, Vimeo is more like its cousin. It has got some creative-types and also offers the ability to create, upload and share the videos with communities and groups. Adding some elements to its significance, there are video schools to help the users in making better clips.. A pro account will let you bump up your weekly upload capacity from 500 MB to 5 GB with unlimited HD uploads.

4. Viddler

Alexa rank: 673


Viddler is a platform that attracts companies and industries for the publicity of their brands. Here you can get a good variety of homemade videos, followed by some special purpose videos. Viddler lets users’ access analytics, customize their video players, distribute to iTunes, place comments within the video and even monetize with Viddler’s adworks tool. So if you are finding your business suffer with the ban of YouTube, You need to try viddler now.

5. yfrog:

Alexa rank: 1,014


Known as the photo-sharing site for Twitter, yfrog offers some reasonable capacity to share videos. Here you can upload your videos and share them with you twitter followers by posting them on your Twitter account. So if you missing YouTube on your Social Networking site, yfrog might be a good choice.

Whether it is for YouTube or something else, there is no harm in going for alternatives; at least you must give them a try once to know the real status of things. Hope life would become a little at ease with the above stated video sharing Sites, Share your Views


2 thoughts on “5 Alternatives to YouTube Where It Is Banned!”

  1. I was looking for some alternatives of youtube 2 days back. I dont know what is sense behind blocking the youtube. Gov. should block the controversial URLs, they are unable to make people happy and now doing these types of stunts. My lecturers are getting late, how many people were making earning from youtube, many of them need youtube for research. I can write a whole post on it, look this is the problem of being a blogger 🙂 ….. But leave it. Good blog and nice post. Nida!

    • Hie Hasan
      Good to find new visitors are joining us. Well as a matter of fact, i personally agree with every word you have just stated. As a student myself, i have been going through the same created mess and being a software engineer, It irritates me more here that when we can block the respective IPs for those videos, what’s the sense behind blocking an entire site.
      Pleased to know that we have another blogger joining us as a reader.

      Happy blogging,

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