Why Ali Haider Failed to Follow Junaid Jamshed?

 Ali-Haider-as-a-Singer.jpgAli Haider is one of the leading music icons who are rightly credited as the pioneers in establishing the Pakistani Pop industry in early 90’s. Ali  has always managed to be in the limelight for someway or the other, often for his singing, acting, composing and religious verses. However, taking a critical look at his success life, you will see that the ups and downs in his career has overshadowed his skills. If you are one of those people who still question why Ali Haider failed to follow Junaid  Jamshed in declaring himself as a saint, you must know all what that has been shared here.

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Ali Haider as a singer

Ali Haider as a Singer

Ali Haider started his singing career in 1988 while he was still an undergraduate at NED University and soon became a pop star. After releasing catchy tunes in his first two albums, Ali released his third album which was a massive hit with songs like ‘Purani Jeans’. It topped the charts and is still the voice of many young boys. He has been giving hits to the Pakistani music industry ever since the release of his first album. Ali’s songs are particularly famous amongst the youth.

Ali Haider endorsing change

Ali Haider endorsing change

After 2007, after the death of Ali’s son news spread that Ali Haider is quitting his singing career. He gave the reason that music wasn’t bringing him satisfaction anymore. He also appeared on an Islamic program to announce this publicly. Ali is also writing an autobiography to describe the phase of his life when he was in grief and absent from the music scene. He said that the death of his son had changed his personality and he couldn’t think about singing anymore. He started his career as a Naat khwan and Nohah khwan in 2009. Ali was very active in recitation of Naats and Nohahs for the next couple of years before stepping into music again.

What stopped him from being religiously famous?

What stopped Ali to be religiously famous

During the time when Ali was inclined towards religion, he started recitation of religious verses and became impressed by the poetry of Baba Bullay Shah. It was this poetry that gave him the strength to recollect himself after the tragic phase of his life and step into the lime light of drama and music again. According to Ali, Baba Bullay Shah’s poetry enabled him to redirect him towards his first love. After spending a few years away from the music industry, Ali was back in 2012. He started by appearing on television in a sitcom ‘Ek aur Ek Dhai’ on ARY Digital. Ali later began releasing his music albums too.

Why Ali Haider returned to music?

Why Ali returned to Music

Ali has described music to be his first love. The death of his son had shattered him and he couldn’t think of enjoying anymore. But with the motivational verses from the poetry of Baba Bullay Shah and other religious scholars Ali regained the strength to start his career as a singer once again. He released his album in 2012 ‘Kee jana mai kaun’. After ten years of absence from the music scene, Ali was welcomed by his fans wholeheartedly.

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    • You can still be close to Islam if you’re a singer. Your belief in God and your love for him resides in your heart. It doesn’t have to clash with your profession. You can love God, pray five times a day, give zakaat and sing too.

  1. Sufi teachings are strange…dependin upon d teacher one can either come on path or go astray….

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