Add Facebook like Button to Google Search results

add facebook like button to google search engineIt’s a Common human practice that we usually get inclined towards things that the majority of the people are following. Just because everyone is on Facebook, we hardly think of socializing on other social media rather than Facebook. Keeping this tradition in to consideration, how great it would have been if you could get to know which link to open among all the Google Search result lists, knowing which link is most followed by majority of the people. It often happens when you write something to search about on Google, and all the unwanted, lame links appear. Without knowing the reality, you open them, realize that it was a waste of time and again start your search. Accepting the fact that Facebook at this stage is the Biggest Social Media, having the maximum number of active users, You can now get an instant snapshot of Facebook Following of every link that appears on Google search. This means that now you are not required to open the link to know how popular or how lame the link is, in fact, the Facebook Likes of every link can be seen in front of the links on your Google search Page.

The more the Number of Likes appears for a link, the more the site becomes recommended. Here is a simple tutorial that can help you out in saving your time and keeping a track of pages that are highly been followed across the globe.

What is Needed?

We have been discussing Google’s latest Magical discoveries lately. All you need here to get a hold of summaries of sites in shape of Facebook likes is an extension that will allow you to plug this like button in front of every link. The Extension in known as Google+Like and the best part about this extension is that once installed, it works equally efficiently for most widely used browsers, namely Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox.

How to install Google+like?

Google+Like Extension is an easily downloadable extension which can be downloaded by clicking on Google +Like .The link will take you to the following Screen:

google like extension for browsers

Read the Description Carefully to clear any doubts in your mind about the entire function this extension will going to add. After reading, click on “Get Google+Like” to start the downloading process. The installation is quick and the extension is highly compatible with your machine.

Next your will see a set of instructions asking you about the browser. If you are using Google chrome, Click on Continue.

extension set of instructions

The Final Step

Your extension id correctly downloaded and installed by now. it’s time to verify how the extension works. First of all re open or refresh your pre-open browser so that the extension gets settled with it. Go to Google Search Engine and type smart earning methods. As can be seen in the snapshot below, the like button appears with every link appearing. You can like those links from the Google search engine as well or can visit the best link with largest likes to save your time.

google like extension installed

Its important that you start learning how to save every single second of yours if you plan to make money online, because all your investment in this business is undoubtedly your time and the best results are only achievable when the investments are minimum. This is what I follow in my online business. Hope this tutorial turns out to be a source to save your precious time.

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