How To Access YouTube And Other Blocked Sites Securely

blocked websitesIt’s been a while now since sites such as YouTube have been banned in Pakistan and some other countries. Although some people seem to have figured out ways around the problem, many are still struggling to find an adequate solution. Besides, some other important services have been partially blocked too, which causes problems during regular browsing. As a result, many people are using solutions like proxy websites etc. If you are having problems as well, then there are better ways than using proxy websites. Here, we’ll talk about some ways you can access blocked websites safely and securely without jeopardizing your security or privacy.

These websites were blocked in many countries in response to some religiously provocative videos posted on YouTube and shared online. As a result, a lot of people are facing difficulties still in accessing websites like DailyMotion and YouTube. And a lot of them use proxy websites to access these websites.

Problem with proxies

There are lots of problems associated with this. First, streaming through a third-party proxy is really slow, and hogs down the bandwidth of your broadband. Secondly, there isn’t any privacy involved. You are literally telling the proxy website to fetch something on your behalf. Meaning if you log into your YouTube account, you will first give your email and password to the proxy website, which will then use that information to log you in. Hence, anyone can pick up your login details and use them for malicious purposes.

What you need is a secure way to connect to the websites that are blocked. A lot of people might know about UltraSurf. It is a good utility, but still not good enough. It is too slow, and has been known to crash frequently after some time of use. Not good enough for watching YouTube videos. What you need is a VPN service, such as HotSpot Shield.

HotSpot Shield

HotSpot Shield is a fast and efficient utility that will not only provide you access to blocked sites, it will also safeguard your privacy. It uses HTTPS protocol for secure browsing. Additionally, it hides your IP, and ensures anonymous browsing, hence leaving you free to do whatever you like even under the scrutiny of your ISP.

HotSpot Shield

The latest version of HotSpot Shield now offers malware protection, so you can feel safe against virus attacks while browsing or doing something on the internet. The best part, it’s free! And if you’re willing to pay, you can get a whole bunch of extra features. It is also available for Android and iOS devices, hence it is a comprehensive solution for the banned sites problem.

It is fairly easy to install. Just download it, and go through the simple installation process. Once installed, launch it, and it will run in the background, leaving you free to do whatever you like!

Try out this great alternative to UltraSurf now, and tell us what you think about. Also, feel free to ask any questions you have. Cheers 🙂

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  1. I have used HotSpot Shield earlier before your post but it worked fine for few days to access Youtube but when my ISP knew they banned by internet for three days as a precaution not to access Youtube again.

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